Ogwuru mba ike: The one who is difficult to understand by his people.
Anu ana-agba egbe ona akpa nri: The chieftaincy title assigned to one who gets stronger despite his kinsmen trying to hurt him.
Ome ka ozo di: Title for one who behaves he has more money despite not being broke.
Oji ofo: The first son of a family
Uba zuo oke: Title for let affluence get to everybody.
Aka ji mba-The masses bread winner.
Okpu uzu-Title for an engineer.
Dibe bekee: Title for a traditional doctor who consults the gods. It serves as an intermediary between the people and gods of the land.
Ochiri ozuo-A generous person especially one who assists the poor.
Nwakibie: Best among his peers.
Ugonabo: Total greatness
Akwa akwuru: Title for a fellow who cannot be moved by anybody.
Nwanonukpo-eze : A child who sits in the royal throne.
Onwa na etiri owa-: A generous/philanthropic person.
Oloroiheloroehi: The title for one who overshadows others.
Ogbaka ohia-A popular hunter.
Ogbu agu: A strong man is the one who kills a lion.
Udo ka mma: Peace is the best.
Odibeze: For someone who lives in a palace.
Eze: Title for king.
Ada oha: Daughter of a popular community.
Oriaku: Lady who enjoys wealth
Iyi: Title for a big river e.g. Iyi of Owerri






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