A woman’s hair is her crowning glory and the way it is styled says a lot about her. Among the Hausa people, the head (called shugaban) is given a very prominent position and particularly in the females, the hair is considered to be the crown of a woman’s beauty. Over the years, the culture-rich Hausa have come up with various beautiful and dazzling hairstyles. The Hausa people believe in there nomadic style of life, this style of life influenced their whole culture, including houses, cuisine, clothes and hairstyles.
Top 3 Hausa hairstyles and their names
Wodaabe is a name of the Hausa-Fulani tribe`s subgroup. They are a nomadic tribe with migrations extending through the North Nigeria. Women of this tribe prefer to wear a braid on each side of the head with the crown. The most peculiar thing in this hairstyle is the hair sculptured into a kind of pompadour structure on the forehead. It`s one of the most beautiful and traditional Hausa Fulani hairstyles


This Hausa hairstyle name translates into English as “clap-your-hands”. The hairs woven is gathered on the back in the form of two hands. It looks like these two hands are gathered to say a prayer. A shaft is entwined in the middle so the hair could take a firm shape. There are different Nigerian Hausa Hairstyles of tafa-ka-hannuwa that includes front, back and double tafa-ka-hannuwa. This Nigerian Hausa hairstyle is in trend amongst young Nigerians who want to follow traditions.

It is a traditional construction of plait of hair gathered on the back. It can be shaped in different ways on your head. This hairstyle has been known in Africa for centuries.

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