Nigeria is a country with rich culture with well over 250 major ethnic groups, each ethnic group has its unique way of dressing and for a Yoruba man, his dressing is not complete without a FILA. We have different types of FILA in Yoruba land with each one having its unique meaning,

in this short article we will be looking at Fila, a yoruba traditional hat that is made of hand woven african fabric called Aso oke, damask, cotton or velvet.they are worn by many african men.

we have diffrent types of fila,
1. Fila Slouched Style-  it can be slouched to the right or left, when sloched to the right it means the man is not married and when slouched to the left his married.
2. Gobi style fila: is upturned and faces the front rather than the usual down-turned left or right side-facing style.
3. Kufi style: I noticed kufi style is popular among royalty and Muslim Yorubas. (correct me in comments if I’m wrong). Many men wear it with dashiki lace suit.
4. The Abeti Aja style fila: is a triangular Yoruba hat, which name means ‘like the ears of a dog’. It is, surprisingly, very popular among young men these days.

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