Daura is a town and Local Government Area in Katsina State, northern Nigeria. It is the spiritual home of the Hausa people. Daura with Emirate, is adjoining conurbation which comprised five local government areas (LGAs) — Baure, Daura, Mai’Adua, Sandamu and Zangon Daura.
Daura is the city that Bayajidda, a figure from Hausa mythology, arrived at after his trek across the Sahara. Once there, he killed a snake (named Sarki) who prevented the people from drawing water from the well known as Kusugu, and the local queen Daurama Shawata, married him out of gratitude; one of their seven children was named Daura. The Kusugu well in Daura where Bayajidda is said to have slain Sarki is protected by a wooden shelter and has become a tourist attraction.
The emirate is referred to as one of the “seven true Hausa states” (Hausa Bakwai) because it was, (along with Biram, Kano, Katsina, Zazzau, Gobir, and Rano), ruled by the descendants of Bayajidda’s sons with Daurama and Magira (his first wife). The Daura Royal Palace ‘Kangiwa’ is a huge complex located in the centre of the ancient city. It is a symbol of culture, history and traditions of ‘Daurawa’. Trade in Daura is primarily in sorghum, millet, onions, peanuts (groundnuts), cotton, and hides and skins; cattle, goats, sheep, horses, and donkeys are kept by its Hausa and Fulani inhabitants. Cotton weaving and peanut collecting (for export) are significant economic activities. The town is served by a government health office and a dispensary. However, Daura town became a caravan centre for salt and potash from the Sahara Desert and for cloth, slaves, leather, and agricultural produce from the south, Daura is one among the few where crops are grown all the year round.
Daura is home to various primary, secondary, postsecondary schools, and other vocational institutions that are either operated by the government or private entities.
Daura has many hospitals and medical facilities, The Daura healthcare system is generally divided into public and private sectors which provide medical services at the primary and secondary levels. Although the private hospitals are usually more expensive, it does not necessarily translate to better healthcare delivery.
Notable people from Daura includes
• President Muhammadu Buhari,
• Faruk Umar Faruk, Current and 60th Emir of Daura
• Sani Ahmed Daura, First Governor of Yobe State 1991–1998
• Sani Zangon Daura, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development 1999 – 2000, Minister of Environment 2000 – 2001
• Ja’afar Mahmud Adam, Salafist Islamic scholar aligned with the Izala Society
• Lawal Musa Daura, Director General of the Nigerian State Security Service
• Habu Daura, Acting Administrator of Bayelsa State, from February to June 1997





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