Rivers State is known as the land of a thousand masquerades. With over three hundred variety of spoken languages, it is easy to discern the beauty in the diversity of its peoples. Civilizations, ancient and seemingly ageless as they are, quite simply draw attention to the richness and unspeakable eminence of the collective heritage of the Rivers people.
Carniriv is one of the biggest festivals in Nigeria, the carnival is a blend of culture, tradition, fashion and lifestyle fused together to showcase the rich heritage of Africa.
The Carnival starts few weeks before Christmas, and lasts for seven days. During this time several ceremonial events are held, most of which hold some cultural and or sacred significance.
The Port Harcourt Carnival bears certain uniqueness as it combines two carnivals - a purely cultural carnival and a contemporary Caribbean style carnival- in one. It also features musical performances from both local and international artists. This gives it an edge over all other regional and continental carnivals, and presents with the principal advantage which must be consummately exploited.
The Government of Rivers State recognizes Carniriv as its biggest tourism export. With economic interests increasingly identifying tourism as a viable alternative to the fossil fuel economy- especially in these parts- the state government has exhibited its commitment to developing this carnival into a regionally unrivalled and globally reckoned tourist attraction.[2]Thus, it has always made available the necessary monetary backing needed for the event to hold every year, and has also worked hard through the Rivers State Tourism Development Agency and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to see that it is held.




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