Welcome to my blog, you have heard of Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Nigerian stock exchange, Forex Trading,  Tesco PLC, a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer, world leading Network marketing centers like Avon Product incorporated with annual sales of $11.3 Billion,
The lists goes on and now Shoprite, a South African brand is creeping nationwide but how much do you know about that biggest market? Yes! The BIGGEST, I can say it all over again that the market a nation is depending on for near to everything in decades is the biggest in the world at least for the reason that you are involved directly and a witness to the efficacy .The knowledge of this simple fact and the desire to know more will bring about development of the market. You should also have a say in what happens there, you are a shareholder in the market because your patronage has sustained the market.  
Oso Ahia is all about everything you are buying everyday from salt to vehicle engines, the millions of people that bring you the products, the places from which they bring the world to your world.
Welcome to: The Biggest market in the world that cared for your needs and that of many companies in the world:
I will update you daily on goods arrival, what are where, who needs what and the people behind them.




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