Promise land was started in the mid 1990’s according to the information gathered by our reporter Kemi Oluwaniyi, for Osoahia blog of No wayo bloggers on her recent visit to the office that manages the affairs of the market.

Promise Land is an alias while the actual name of the business center is Ladipo international shopping plaza, operated by Dave and fortune development limited.

The objective of the organization is to provide an improved environment for our tenants and their clients who come to buy goods in the market mainly imported from Japan.

The organized structure guarantees you’re safe, making Promise land predictable. You can time your coming in and going out without unhealthy and unfortunate surprises. Should there be any problem we come in and solve them promptly.

Promise land is adding value to the Nigerian business development as people come from different parts of the country because of our competitive prices and do business with absolute confidence in the traders and the goods they are buying. From the statistics we have here, since this operation started over 20 years ago,, tenants do not seek to leave instead lots of people are seeking opportunities to be here. We have not had anyone say am tired of this place, even those who died gave out their shops to other people to continue the business before they departed.

Our main problem is road. It would be great if the Government will see more of our problems than see just where they want us to pay money. Sometimes we are looking for a way to interact with them on the bases of highlighting our problems and seeking solutions but the interaction ends up at what we have to pay. to them.

Kemi Oluwaniyi




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