Matthew Ibeneme is my name I am the Managing Director of First Diamond Project Steel Limited.

I consider it very important to let the young people know that it’s not easy to have a bright or shining start we may ask ourselves when was it ever easy to have a fine start? Therefore, start somewhere and try to push it through with patient, faithfulness to yourself and trust in God.

I started with nothing but I never gave up and God took control. Here we are today though still pushing, we have covered almost the whole states in Nigeria, there is no state you will not see our Product.  We have location Managers representing us in most of the states and I believe we will be known all over the world.
The young generation should know that there is big money in every legitimate business , money is everywhere, it depends on how u cherish what you do, regards for yourself and how you want to make it happen. The Economy is bad today we all know but stop complaining, stop blaming anyone, be focused on something legitimate and you certainly will not be disappointed..
I started from scratch, started in Nigeria, made some contacts outside the country and later got assisted.

STEEL is our business.

Since STEEL is used in divers construction works, giving also that Africa is still developing, I see a great future for the steel industry in 10 years to come.

Yes, we prefer to manufacture here in Nigeria not just for the reason of more profit making but also a way of giving back to the society but there are constrains and energy plays a major role. The Nation is losing massive employment opportunities because of poor power supply which makes local industrial development difficult.

            HOW DO YOU RELAX?

As a business man, there is no specific time I call relaxing time because my Phones are always on and business can come anytime.  But when I feel like relaxing very well, I travel abroad spend two weeks or a month as long as I am in Nigeria I don’t really relax.

An interview by Kemi Oluwaniyi.




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