Tokunbo has been generally accepted to a large extent as good enough to serve, some people refurbish Nigerian used auto parts to resell as Tokunbo but the case of buying such parts is almost Zero in Ladipo since you can go to the ware houses where containers are off loaded.
In this recession, the Nation is lucky that there are still people who risk their hard earned investments to engage in importation otherwise, the recession will force us to depend on used and worn out vehicles and vehicle parts.
We don’t have to be rocket scientists to know the catastrophic effect of not having new commuter buses and spare parts because of recession.  
More grease to the elbows of our dogged importers, their experience in the business has removed the danger the Economic recession would have brought to our roads by making available new vehicle spare parts and new commuter vehicles especially in this Christmas season when a lot of families will be traveling.

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