Engine is the heart of every moving vehicle. Most times on our highways we see people stranded with their vehicles by the roadsides. The reasons are not far fetched, 1) It could be poor maintaince or bad engine. But whichever way a visit to iyanitire market may solve all your vehicles engine problems, however engine’s from Volkswagen families could easily be found in this unique market situated along oshodi apapa expressway, other exotic cars related to Volkswagen families like porsche and others could also meet demands in engine and body parts as the market is vast. A stitch in time they said it saves nine, while we encroach festive period it will be necessary that anyone thinking about making a long travel by road this season may have to consider first a visit to this market for check up and overhaul before putting such vehicle on the road, it will not only ensure smooth journey but will bring about safer trips and cop the rate of vehicles brake down and leaving the travellers stranded on the highways

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