Necessity gave birth and called her child invention. For those who use this route in late 90s and early 2000, international airport road by Ajao estate was known for nothing but “airport road”. The recent transformation of the area has put Airports road in the map of Business that attract local and international tourist Lagos metropolis. Arriving from the airport you will be welcomed by hotels, magnificent edifices arranged in proper order for accommodation and hospitality but it did not end there. Consequently eateries, malls and other businesses which among them is motor business all these sprang up within a short time. Immediately after the cargo wing of the international airport you will see massive display of various sophisticated cars, actually this axis has become motor market. In as much as it has improved the economic activities of this area, buyer’s that are coming to Lagos by air feel comfortable as the destination is five minutes drive from the Airport. Anytime you decide to shop for your own car please don’t forget to holla at your home BOY to join you for the gruff after shopping. Meanwhile I love RANGE ROVER SUPER SPORT, lol. Please make your choice…...

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