My name is Matthew Omengbeojikwe, a trader and I love what I do.


   In my youthful days, I lived in Paris where an accident occurred at a bus stop called chaturouge and this incident turned my life and I wanted it to have significance in my life.

  The name has been part of me for 25years I have since registered it with the CAC.

   After several years, I sometimes regret my choice of the name but couldn’t change it because I had registered it as my company name and am know by it already.

  Promise Land market as the name goes; holds great and fulfilled promise in the area of fairly used imported goods TOKUNBO. Though there are other markets around but promise land is remarkable.

I started business 22 years ago and I major in conversion spare parts.

The conversion technology has greatly helped the Nigerian public to have goods adapted to our safety requirements and recommended standard. It has also made parts available and affordable.

Challenges in promise land?

   Life is all about challenges, and we have our share here too. Things are not as they used to be around here, we had more activities in the past, like I said we face challenges not run from them.

   In this kind of business setting, you don’t expect one to have so many workers. Normally, I train people in the business and during a period of 5 years they also assist with sales then you help them to start their own. I have other shops but in this particular shop I have 3 workers.

How do you relax?

   I spend my free time with my family or I go out to have drink with friends.




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