His name is Anyanwu Favor Chibuikem and he’s handsomely called GIMS(God Is My Strength) An acronym that must have been divinely inspired into a unique and tushed up name.
He doesn’t like it when you epp him and spoil his name(Instead of /Geems/ you say /Jims/) What’s that? Hahaha!

I call him Zilly Gims. A man with a tongue like a pen of a ready writer. You may think he flatters but he sees the good in you that you’re not even aware of, though, oboy you dey go turbo on the mara at times!

There’s no way you won’t be stirred up to think deeper about who you are, your beliefs and where you are going in life when you’re with Zilly Gims. A man given to the study of the MIND. Mr Psychology, Mr Philosophy and Mr Analyst. If to say Aristotle been meet you him for be your tight man.

Meeting you in that supermarket on that rainy day brought a paradigm shift in my social and business life due to the successive events that have taken place since you introduced yourself to me as Gims, a so




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