Sometimes in life we don’t get to choose, Life just throws things at us and we don’t have a choice but to accept it. Then it turns out that some of those things are beautiful, we love them, get used to them and at some point can’t do without them. Then you are grateful to Life for not giving you a choice… One of those beautiful things is Sopuruchi Precious and yes! She’s beautiful, in and out. I’m glad I met you Pre (like I use to call her), I know we’ve had our little differences but if I was to choose, I’ll choose you over n over again! I appreciate you this day and I pray the good Lord grants you all your heart desires, give you looong life in good health n wealth and continue to uplift you! Happy birthday darling!
P. S: this is NOT a love story!
but it’s also a love story because I love her. Enjoy your day dearie…
#Pre Pre!




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