Most models in Africa are self-represented, they are not signed exclusively to any particular modeling agency therefore they are freelance Models.

As freelance Models, they are not taking advantage of online where many models have found an outlet for their voice, with the freedom to share your pictures, personal stories and passions with my blog, especially as no one can deny you the possibility of making selfie which tell a lot of stories about you, the deal you have always prayed for may be on the way.

Though some Agencies do exist and quit a lot of people pose as Managers, certainly, a good percentage of them are not professionals.

Most models are therefore responsible for finding their own work.

Since the Modeling industry in Africa is in such shape, there are fewer avenues for models to market themselves, reducing chances of getting jobs.

Appearances in Pageantries have provided most models the needed opportunities for exposure.

Some companies out there would like to be represented but the poor marketing in the modeling industry in Africa has robbed the models the chances of earning from such companies.

Few models that attended castings ended up disillusioned as most who attended the castings were replaced with new faces on the final casting day.

What models experience to get to castings, how they have to find a place to sleep after casting and the total disrespect for their efforts has pushed many young people into prostitution which is an easy offer to models.

In addition, most companies that would need the services of models do not know who to contact most are therefore discouraged from thinking of the services models could provide them.

The few agents or managers are just bosses to their models and obsessed with the big name and influence they heard are associated with the industry. They however do not understand that here is not America or Europe

Here, you have to work hard to break new grounds because there are little or no foundations made previously for models.

Model Managers should be ready to get Companies to understand how the good image of their goods and services could be projected and promoted by a model.

A model in Kumasi, Ghana may wait till Armageddon to meet a client that so desired his/her service to model a product in Aba, Nigeria. While some companies in Agbor, Sapele, Dekina, Afikpo,Ogbomosho, Galadima and Agbara wishing to produce annual almanac with good Model and ready to pay well for the service have no possibility of meeting any Model, Agent or Manager.

Enjoy your freelance status as a model and sending me your pictures for other people to appreciate and you never can tell who is looking for your representation. My blog is designed to bring together people who understand and love good pictures.






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