You never know how far you can go in life until you encounter a woman(good)
Women are smart, intelligent, humble, amazing, game changers, nation builders, home keepers, pace setters just name it.
The moment you begin to invest into a woman literally you are investing into a whole nation and the world at large, this is so because women are distinguished managers naturally.
Today I unapologetically echo resounding salute to all women out there who in one way or the other are thriving so hard to make ends meet, who have owned their scars and stories without giving up, who have become a blessing to the world and their generation, who are employers of labour, and who are yet to be announced to the world. If you meet a woman tomorrow please treat her with so much RESPECT and KINDNESS, we deserve even more.
Women are GREAT, Women are STRONG
Happy International Women Day to all women out there, believe it or yes, you are loved and cherished. #staystrong #believe #nevergiveup #iamawoman #iamanafric




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