@bglittersmakeover wrote

Another 24th March is here again.  Mum said I was born today and of course I believed.
Words fail me to describe the joy I feel right inside me. Firstly I wanna say tank u Lord Jesus for ur love,  mercy and kindness towards me.  I’m a physical product of Grace. Don’t know where I would have been if Christ didn’t die for me, in him I live, I move and have my being.  To my lovely parents who connived and gave birth to me,  I tank God for allowing you both to met in life. For the support and understanding wit all ur prayers I say tanks.
To my elder siblings my sisters and brothers tanks for being a strong part of my life.
To my friends so numerous to mention and colleagues, with my fans I say tanks for believing in me. Saying I love u all is an understatement cos my love for u all is an excess love.
I started getting beautiful gifts even b4 today and more are still coming. To my sis star Joe, onyii Helen,  Eme onwuka,  Alex Morgan,  Emma Osiri, frank sax and others I love u all.




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