The greatest inducer of weakness is self overpowering. Despite the political growth of the Igbos we still do not see political slavery and marginalization as a topic to shamefully placard.
There is no state in the south east that has not produced a senate president.
We have been Head of States, Vice President, secretary to the Federal Government, non Igbos are not made Governor over us in a democratic system, we have had ministers and ambassadors as appropriate, and our failed Local Government Chairmen and Governors have been our people imposed on us by us. Our Political life is not induced by any region but simple reflection of our understanding of the definition of democracy and rewarding the electorates for confidence imposed on us. How and why we should reach out to people of other regions in preparation for Political alliance is our unconditional responsibility.
Therefore the result of our political escapade is supremely our quandary or elucidation.
That his father told him he will rule Nigeria forever does not make your father dumb. What did your father tell you?
Why should a mere discursion of father and son be your problem? Why would you arrogate all your life problems on the morale boasting inspirational talk of a father to his son or in a worse case scenario command a father gave to his son to always be your leader?
If your father was not dumb what then did he tell you? Your father may not have been dumb, you are probably hearing-impaired.
The above speculations are mere academic joggles. Your father was not dumb and you do not have hearing deficiency.
Your may not have heard your father because you have no respect for your father consequently his words were meaningless to you.
As you failed to recognize your father, it’s unarguably not the fault of other tribes who allowed their fathers to speak and they uncompromisingly want to rule you forever as advised by their fathers.
What his father told him is not your problem, your problems are; lack of knowledge of the quality your father is made of, giving your father the chance to speak, listening to your father and to what extent his words are sacrosanct to you.
The solution is an irrevocable decision to majorly embrace full responsibility for you actions and inactions rather than abhor the instructions of a father telling his son to be your leader forever.
Enduring the consequences of being impervious to advice is the appropriate thing to do after an honest embrace of the responsibility.
Criminalizing a fatherly advice to his obedient son who sees his father as a neighbor of God and therefore takes his words as a commandment is uncivilized.
As we embrace the truth, an evidence of a rethink, the freer and more knowledgeable we become, this guarantees us against perishing. Even the holy book did not spare us in its pronouncement of the resultant impact of lack of knowledge.
Eavesdropping on the discussion of other families is a bad habit but we can take advantage of it by calling it intelligent gathering to help us be better people since an adage says the orphan learns when parents are advising their children.
We cannot down play the efficacy of words as emboldener and an imperative factor in building of faith. Words can impart physical strength apart from the prevalent intellectual and psychological attributes of words to man’s development.
You have a great father; you have loving, intelligent and world respected fathers in your family. One of your fathers is the most visionary leader ever born on the soil of Africa.
He was above tribal sentiments; his words were described as “forceful, often controversial but never without significance”.
The problem is that you are too feeble and unknowledgeable to step into the shoes of your fathers therefore you behave as though your fathers were dumb or never existed.
Nevertheless, you cry more than an orphan. You are just like the village loafer who laments his father left him nothing until his children will start wondering if he will have anything to bequest to them.
Your refusal to acknowledge the greatness of your fathers can not deny your fathers of their illustrious positions in the history of Africa and the world in general. Humanity adores them for never promoting sectionalism or tribalism while mother Africa waits to bless you for the greatness of your progenitor who magnified almost hopeless Africa of their time.
They rest in the Bosom of God as they lived without ever spiting a word of hate even when their vibrancy and eloquent words meant nothing to you though the same gave Nigeria independence.
Your father fired the cannon of words that sent the imperialist home without a plan B to come back.
So great was the wisdom of your father that his vision dwindled your knowledge.
Your inability to make his statements worthy of committing to memory is your greatest undoing.
Your father looked beyond the River Niger Bridge, conquered the hate, chauvinism of Nigeria, with his chariot and gladiator sword of words he traverse through West Africa and anchored a mantle of African leadership for you.
Your father was not dumb. He spoke so well and such volumes he was heard loud and clear. He was called the ZIK OF AFRICA and ZIKISM a school of thought born from the fire and grandeur that successfully made words the better expression of a man’s intellect.
In one of his insistent messages that you are Nigeria and that Nigeria is Africa he intoned:
“—any decision made at Bandung on the future of this continent that does not take into account the fact that every sixth person in Africa is a Nigerian, is bound to be like a flower that is born to blush unseen and to waste its sweetness in the desert air”

It did not turn out that your father never spoke because every sixth person you meet in any African country today is an Igbo man.

Your father was busy securing African leadership for you while you were asleep; you emerged from your slumber with a tribal dream to accomplish.
Concentrate on the visionary, thoughts and unity provoking anthem of your father rather than dwell on idle talks.




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