The arrest of Kanu and his people was a Tactical error. Now they are liabilities to the Government and a great discomfort in the current situation of the country.
The security agencies should have known that rather than grab him, they should have smoked him into being on the run and hiding. They should have been more educated in their profession to know that a man on the run does not chase you.
Now everybody is certainly on the run. If you jail him you have given value to his quest which you never wanted talked about, if you kill him there is just one certainty; there will be a Biafra nation one day because his blood will fertilize the movement and posterity had always punished humanity just as no one can explain why Nigeria, the most blessed country in the world is now a beggar- nation. Who can explain why our Politicians are the only unpatriotic group of people in the world, who can explain why they have anxiety neurosis when it comes to stay home do business, relax and watch your children and grand children play and grow. Most of them want to be in Government with just one principle; sharing national cake .They all eventually come out of politics or step aside disgraced, with their names dragged into the mud. Not even one of them has been spared insults and abuses, since they lack integrity, though it does not matter to them, anyway. In what other way would an evil spell on a nation manifest for wrong deeds or blood spill in the past?
Now there is fear of setting them free, you can visualize them walk on the streets as Heroes and spit on the face of the Government. This certainly is agonizing enough for a Government that is struggling with economic crisis and expending enough energy running after their fellow professional looters.
In the interest of national unity the Government should not look at their case at a surface level. His case and that of others with him should be seen as an outcrop of yesterday’s unbearable killing and maiming of innocent Igbos for reasons nobody has been able to explain till this moment. It is surprising that Nigerian Government cannot realize that some people still carry the traumas of the Biafra war even people born after the war.
For the people who saw the war it is unforgettable as many still carries the photographs of the war in their pockets or in their memories. Once upon a time you looked like a lizard because of starvation and many people around you died from bullets, bombing or starvation, yet till date you have not been told the reasons for such magnitude of hate.
For the younger generation that did not see the war but were told of a Biafra that should have been their country, a nation that sustained itself technologically for years at a time when the technological development of America was stone age compared to today. A nation they forth and died for and since the end of the war they are being forced back to Nigeria without executing the 3Rs (Reconstruction Rehabilitation and Reconciliation) which would have gently brought them back home. Why wonder that today they still find it difficult to look at Nigeria and call it a home and still feel marginalized.
Kanu and his people should be released with immediate effect because we all including the Government cannot be acting as if we are being remotely controlled by a spell that blocks our reasoning even when it is obvious we are heading for destruction.
We must break the spell on this country and the present administration will take the lead in responsible reasoning and the people must follow. We don’t habit this planet alone therefore we should just look around us not to Asia, America or Europe, just neighboring African countries; it is obvious we need national head examiners for the nation.
That some people refused to get education of the real situation and meaning of Biafra and want to be Heroes, or as a result of the trauma of the humiliation of the Igbo, or some dirty politicians to a grip of a situation to fan trouble is not enough for the Government act in directly in consonance with their actions.
The oath to protect the integrity of the nation is firstly on the citizens and people residing in the country not just our border with Benin Republic. Government has its role to play in a situation like this which is to take effective and reasonable steps to protect their lives and that of everybody and property along the route of protest.
Protect the integrity of the nation by protecting the constituents that made up the nation. There is no nation without the people but a man can decide by law to be without a nation it is his fundamental right, If you want to denounce your nation while residing in another nation but you are still protected by the host nation until the immigration shows up with their refusal to allow you stay nation less in their territory.
Did the security organization use minimal force since none of the Protestants was carrying gun?
Was the future unity of Nigeria putting into consideration before embarking on the arrest? If so how many years in the past and how many years in the future was putting into perspective in planning the arrest and clampdown on the protest?
You can shoot and kill after all what is gun made for but it depends on what you want to achieve. Did your shooting and method of dispersing the Protestants indicate that you are not intentionally fueling the separation of the country?if not intentional but is there a likelihood that your approach could build a strong wall against unity of the country?
Anything short of focusing on fifty years in the past and fifty years in the future before dealing with any community in Nigeria especially a major tribe will definitely bring us to the European and the Gypsies frustration.
The life span of Nigeria and not that of the security Chief should be looked at in creating any developmental plan which of course includes to keep Nigeria one.
The security heads have done more to divide Nigeria than the Biafra agitators by making relevant the demand and the protest. The future of Nigeria is now embedded in the arrest and release of these men you don’t have to agree with me but check your statistics if you have any, see the interest the issue generated but it would be no problem if you were ready to talk Biafra now it is reverberating now and now let’s agree that the handling was a professional mess.
Nigeria is very predictable that was why Kanu came to Nigeria and you fell for it. He did not come to be handed over a Biafra flag by Nigerian Government, while in London, he did well at insulting Nigeria (my only country, he has two) and he selected uncomplimentary words to plaster my President (thank God for democratic reform) that was unreasonable action from him but not treasonable action.
And then he came visiting.
Question to security operatives, can you insult the Chief of your village even when you are more powerful and connected than him and then just walk into the village as if nothing happened?
Then why did he come? He believed the President will embrace him and give him a medal? He knew you would do just what you are doing; hurting Nigeria. And you should stop hurting Nigeria.
They made a weak and unpopular demand and you kept the demand alive and strong because you were jittering; now you are coming up with weak charges which of course you can get a conviction if only you want to and that will further add momentum to their otherwise hopeless and selfish quest at this time.
Everybody in any form of detention as regards Biafra should be set free with immediate effect so that they can still pick their lives together and move on. If they have been detained for longer than necessary they should be paid compensation but they must keep to the condition of release. 
This demand is in adherence to the spirit of Reconciliation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction abandoned by successive Nigerian Governments after the war.
The condition of their release should center on healing the trauma caused by the neglected wound of the Igbo since 1965.
The healing of the wounds of the Igbo is a task that must be done before any useful dialogue on Biafra or otherwise can see the day light depending also on if the North has agreed to stop using the head of the Igbo to test their new swards.
As condition for their release, they shall not take part in partisan politics. Reason is to assure the greedy Igbo Political leaders that this is not a ploy to unseat them in their criminal political games thereby erasing fear of competition which when neglected will set a stage for failure of a proper reconciliation process.
Any of them that refuses to accept conditional release should be giving a suspended sentence and thrown out of the prison. Send them home and stop making them heroes for laziness.
If they refuse to accept conditional release will they refuse to go away from prison? Dump them in their villages if they refuse to leave the prison premises and wait for the violation of the condition of suspended sentence, there is no more court hearing violation has no second meaning.
Don’t jail them, don’t kill them, stop making them look like some important people. They are on their hustle and you are paying for their advertisement. Spear Nigeria the headache by sending them home.
Let us understand the fact that most lawyers will never admit you are going until you were gone.
When a Government says you are a security threat you can be detained subjected to when they feel you are no longer a risk, be they right or wrong they do it everywhere, you can only ague the legitimacy if you are more democratic than America otherwise, swallow it as a bitter pill.  They do it they will always do it and they can term it internal security to dissuade the interference of other countries.
When you are accused of Treason , it is more for you to prove your innocence than for the state to prove your guilt because whatever was brought on the table of accusation will be good enough in the eyes of the state to crucify you, be it convincing evidence to the public or not.  And it’s your duty to difficultly proof your innocence with all state machineries working against you. It is called state’s interest. If you don’t agree, then tell me why despite court orders they are still held.
What did Jesus Christ do to be condemned to death? And why did Pontius Pilate wash his hands instead of just refusing the (state’s demand) the case against Christ was also against the state because the temple did not belong to an individual and he was said to want to bring his Government.
Jesus Christ was condemned and executed for treason and you and I know that he was harmless but the “state’s interest” prevailed
A lesson to the security agencies is that the blood of Christ fertilized the movement and after 3,000 years he still reigns and the Christianity they did not want to hear is in your home and around you that most Government houses in Nigeria has a chapel.
The releasing of Biafra agitators recently is a smoke screen, If you think nothing can happen then you obviously have short memory or you are not a Nigerian, more still you don’t read. Please refresh your mind with these few examples with different backgrounds; MKO Abiola, Bisaila, Gomwalk, Martin Luhter, ken Sarowiwa, Maman Vasa and so on.
The responsible welcome of the Igbo back to Nigeria since 1965 is paramount.  When the Igbo man, an obvious most patriotic Nigerian has been brought home, you will expect a healthy decision from a health mind. After this and he still wants to go, the discussion will find healthier grounds. However that is still not in near distance, we should not start crying for an unknown tomorrow as we have done by abandoning the supposed action that will bring a better tomorrow.
A special appeal goes to their wives and children to remember that the Igbo need first to come back to Nigeria from where they can decide if to go or stay you cannot start a journey from nowhere, let us not deceive ourselves the demand for Biafra now is not a popular demand by the Igbo but it will be when your husband dies or jailed that certainly is not the “for better for worse” you signed.
Nigeria is an impatient country when it comes to shedding blood and wasting life, many have gone and God forbid more should go in like manners. The people around you now will use your situation to get rich and abandon you.
When the head of a country falls ill there is certainly a new troubling direction he is confronted with. Nigeria is very easy to predict but God please I want to be wrong at least this time.
All the people that have hung their hopes of survival on the creation of the Biafra nation should go back to their various jobs as Biafra cannot be declared from the streets of Port Harcourt it started in Enugu on the 27th of May 1967 when the Consultative Assembly mandated Colonel Ojukwu “ to declare .




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