(iv) Eastern Nigeria’s due share of all subsisting international debts and obligations entered into by the Government of the Republic of Nigeria on behalf of the Federation of Nigeria shall be honored and respected;
Extract from the “declaration of Biafra”.
The above extract from the declaration of Biafra does not in any way spell hate and anger.
Biafra was not born out of the hate of the Igbo man but hate for the Igbo man.
Nobody that understands Biafra will talk about it the way it’s being talked about today but that does not mean all the people that are not talking Biafra understands it better though.
Biafra is a name that has come to stay because anybody who says the name Biafra should be forgotten does not know the importance of history or why he or she bears a surname.
Biafra is not an Igbo thing alone; Biafra conjures the same pain to everybody affected even when the reasons are different.   Biafra is the symbol of pain, hope, resistance and confirmation of intellect and self reliant of the badly hurt and still agonizing Igbo man.
Biafra reminds the North of how an Igbo Major Nzeogwu surrounded and protected by Northern soldiers and officers used their own to kill their leaders and he handed over Power to his fellow Igbo man Aguiyi Ironsi. You may call it the genesis of hate that led to the talk of Biafra. Biafra is in the memory of the Yoruba and every nation and community whose children, fathers, mothers spilled their blood on the Igbo soil during the civil war. The Nigerian Parents whose children were hardly trained enough before pushed to the East to be slaughtered by “Ogbunigwe” of the Biafra Army.
A row call of wounded Nigerian soldiers that made up 172 infantry battalion shows people from different regions of Nigeria. It was clear the wounded Nigerian soldiers could not stay near a normal society as shown by the clash of “Omo Pupa riot Oshodi early 70s”. The wounded Nigerian soldiers were eventually dumped between the Atlantic Ocean and the Lagoon a place used by the colonial masters as detention camp for young offenders or criminals; Topo Island off Topo – Idale Badagry.
The evidence of the pain that ruled the lives of the wounded Nigerian soldiers are obvious in the vows of many of them that they will “fire” their family members anytime they meet with them. But many never saw their families as they submitted to their bullet wounds and buried by strangers while insanity comforted many with bullets lodged in their brains, at least they lived in their own world oblivious of the pain of our world.
When the then Head of state, General Yakubu Gowon came to Topo-Idale to lay foundation stone for the staff college, many of them wanted to ask him the reason for the war but as natural the poor stay dump though speaks but never heard. They did not die in silence as I ask today on behave of the wounded Nigerian soldiers of 172 infantry Battalion Topo Island who are perfectly resting in peace as death is the only comfort many tried to get from alcoholism   “Gowon why did we go their”.
Biafra is sacred, Biafra is an alter that was erected by the flowing of the blood of the Igbos, cries of women and children so that blood may flow no more, that women and children may no longer be slaughtered and abused for reason nobody ever explained to them but contrarily, millions of lives perished in attack and defense of the alter of hope.
Biafra is not a name to be rubbished on the streets with protest of uncoordinated leaders who are calling themselves names, accusing themselves of fraudulent behaviors and abusive to anybody that refuses to allow them degrade the sacred Alter. Biafra is not a child’s play,
Biafra is the monumental unanswered question of the people living just before the River Niger Bridge, why should the Nigerian Army clear their lands of all men, leaving just the women to bury their husbands and male children that were not buried alive by Nigerian soldiers.
That Nigeria refused to honour the spirit of Biafra after the war does not permit anybody to disrespect the sanctuary of the punished and distressed souls. Anybody, even an Igbo has no right to disrespect the sanctuary erected by the flowing blood of innocent Igbo so as to stop more blood from flowing.
Biafra is not a solution for anybody’s bad business outcome neither is Biafra a solution to anybody’s joblessness, it is not the answer to the bad roads in the South East( hold your Governor and Ministers for these and keep Biafra out of the shame of failing to unite and ask yourselves critical questions that concerns the development of Igbo land) Biafra is not the hope for your failed trip to foreign land. Biafra is not the hope for failed Nigerian Politicians. Biafra can not be used to avenge lost election.
Biafra is not a show of violence or a show of strength, Biafra is the latent strength from God to stop his beloved from being cleansed from the surface of the earth.
Biafra is not a piece of land any more, Biafra is a piece of conscience perforating multiple guilt in those that have refused to confess fully that the blood of innocent Igbo children, women and men is shredding their hearts and sleep has eluded them.
To the successive Nigerian Government after the war, Biafra is an aberration, a night mere better not remembered, leprosy that would affect one finger and eventually claim all.
What Biafra means to us all may be different but certainly the most important thing about Biafra is not a piece of land beyond or before the Niger Bridge but the return of the Igbo man that is exiled since the revolution of 15 January, 1966.
Every fight to kill the spirit of Biafra is advancement into future chaos.
Nigerian leaders want the case of Biafra handled like leprosy. Avoidance of the topic is and will continue to generate discomfort until we together embrace it as our past and history, not as an ailment that was better forgotten, take it don’t leave it, Biafra still hunts us because Nigerian Government want it to be forgotten and the young Igbo have no knowledge of its full implication, that is not possible but it can be our past perpetually when the Igbo man comes back home after the war, too long time in exile can be unsettling.
You may say forget Biafra, but have you? You may consider it forgotten and in the past, but just “you” cannot make a ‘we’.
Unfortunately for the deprived brain, ‘we’ is the only ingredient needed to bring understanding that can justify Biafra as a past in Nigeria.
The blood of millions of people is not a toy for Politicians or thugs. Blood erected the sanctuary and the blood the sanctuary wanted to prevent from flowing will flood and submerge anybody that goes on the street or lead people to the streets to disgrace the sacred sanctuary of the punished souls for selfish reasons. Your blood and that of the soldiers shooting you shall drown you and the soldiers shooting you on the streets because you never asked neither did you care to visualize how many people especially Igbo you punish by your disrespect for BIAFRA, the home and target of sober reflection. Your selfish heart desires shall put you and the blood testy Nigerian soldiers against yourselves should you continue in your disrespect for the struggle that God blessed. 
We cannot sacrifice the pains and scare of yesterday and the future of our children for manipulation of greedy politicians who will end at nothing indifferent of sensitivity to attain their selfish desires. Nigerian politicians are too dangerous and greedy; they are sharp objects that should never come kilometers near a balloon. Biafra will always be a pin they will want to use on the national balloon at anytime if not handled properly.
Some South East Politicians are grouping to support Buhari come 2019 with the hope that Igbo will take over from him. This is wider than wild dream.
They should support Buhari as a question of their partisan compulsion but they should simply forget an Igbo Presidency.
In democracy nobody hands over power but the people, of course we have a situation in Nigeria where the will of the people does not prevail but rigging certainly has its limits. When you rig and I rig one person will still be rigged out. And Jonathan was not the winner.
No Igbo will be voted by Yoruba and Hausa enough to win a Presidential election in Nigeria unless by divine rigging. No Igbo will get overwhelming vote among the Igbo, maybe it may interest you to know how many Igbo are aware that an Igbo man contested the last presidential election with Buhari and Jonathan (though both of them were also Igbo during the election)
How many people on the streets shouting Biafra voted the only Igbo in the last Presidential election? You want Biafra but hate Igbo unity therefore ridiculing the tabernacle of hope of a people that God stood by as they achieved what after 50 years Nigeria and many African nations are dreaming of.
Until the Igbo comes back to Nigeria his name is not on the Presidential ballot paper it is like superimposing his name written with ink on his name written with his blood
The main electorates in Nigeria have serious resentment for the Igbo man of today because he knows nothing of the real Igbo man he was not giving the opportunity to know the Igbo man before 15 January, 1966 revolution.
He does not know the Igbo man that forth for restoration of peace in the Yoruba land putting an end to violent clashes in Yoruba land. He does not know the Igbo man who forth to replace old Politicians with “honest progressives” in 1966
He does not know the Igbo man praised and embraced publicly before the world press including the BBC by Governor Kastina of Norther Nigeria. Governor Kastina of the then Northern Nigeria also assured that Igbo man that all he fought for shall be upheld.
He does not know that an Igbo led Political party won more votes than a Yoruba lead Political party in the Western Region causing the Great Awolowo to openly cry out in his language to achieve a cross carpet before he could be the Premier of the Western Region. That Great achievement for Nigeria by an Igbo man the Great Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe the Owelle of Onisha is not known to the Yoruba, Hausa and many Igbo who holds the voting power today.
The first step to bring the Igbo back to Nigeria is in the hands of the people trying to do it already by calling for Igbo Presidency. First Gowon, IBB,  Obasanjo next should be TY Danjuma, General Jeremiah Usani, Garba Dada, President Buhari. They do not have more than one vote each unless they tell the children the truth the single votes can never multiple to a winning number neither can they help the Igbo man until their minds and that of their children harbors no hate for the Igbo and bring him back to Nigeria since 1966.
May these men and others whose confessions are needed to help this nation not die until they have brought the Igbo man back to Nigeria from where the Igbo can decide what to do next? A man on a journey does not count the yam in his barn. Even when death will bring rest to these men, we need them alive, they will not die. Their children will live to hear the truth from their fathers, none will die in their families until the Children are told the truth. When they involve in an accident that cuts off their heads may they live. When their intestines shall be too old to hold on, may they live and be fed with air, they will pray for death but death will refuse to set them free until they set Nigeria free by setting the Igbo man free since 1966. They only need to make some honest statements about what sent the Igbo away from Nigeria which they still have not returned to.
The call for Igbo Presidency is mere calling the Chick a chicken it will never be hen or cork until it leaves that particular stage in life.
“no victor no vanquish” the 3Rs adopted
When the Igbo man is so hated and slaughtered before, during and after the war by the same people who helped to actualize the coup he is blamed for? Despite his patriotism the Igbo man is still despised and hated today?
There is a victor when somebody is vanquished, the 3Rs. Reconciliation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction must have a different meaning to successive Nigerian Governments if it was said to have been applied after the war.
The 3Rs the Igbo got are (1) Relinquish of properties and self pride (2) ) Repurpose, the Igbo man have been conditioned to be politically irrelevant to himself.
  (3)Retaliation for ever asking for a Biafra state that was brought to life by Gowon himself. “On 13th of September, 1966 a high- powered Northern Nigeria delegation which represented Gowon himself, suggested a system of completely autonomous states with a common Service, Oganisation similar to the defunct East African Federation—————having its own Army, Police, Civil Service and Judiciary, as well as a right to secede unilaterally from the union.”(The Nigerian Revolution and the Biafran War by Alexander A Madiebo).
What did you tell your people? Obviously not the truth, now tell the children the truth. Tell this generation that holds the major voting power that the Igbo never wanted nor planned to secede, he was just praying for God’s intervention in the senseless and merciless killing of innocent men, children and women. Tell them how you forced him out, wanted to force him back and how you have till date refused to respectfully bring him back to Nigeria. Full confession and the sole of the nation shall be healed. Nobody is asking for apology, or setting up of committee neither is anybody asking for the Augusto Pinochet’s prosecution at old age. Just speak to the public and set yourselves and the nation free.
The blood is too much for God to forgive us without confession or at least speaking of the true situation
The Igbos come next to Yorubas in the marriage of Yorubas, the Igbos come next in marriage of the Hausas after the Hausas, same across the nation. Same goes for building of houses and business across the Nation.
While the Hausa live in clusters in other places not theirs the Yoruba man is more comfortable on his land but the Igbo man feels at home with you and moves freely all over the nation.
What is the definition of patriotism?
Bring the most patriotic Nigerians back home. When the Igbo man is back to Nigeria, he stands 80% chance of winning a Presidential election by popular votes. There after he will decide if to remain in Nigeria, rename Nigeria to Biafra or leave Nigeria. Whichever way, the healthiness of our hearts will grant us a more peaceful and healthy decision.
Today Nigeria constipates the call for Biafra, Niger Delta, declaration of Caliphates and Oduduwa are all rumblings of the stomach of a constipated man. If you find this disturbing please take solace in the fact that you have been deceived for so long and the Kilimanjaro walls that demarcates wrong and right, truth and falsehood has been excavated in Nigeria long time ago, everything have mixed up, everything you know since you were born may be lies and deceitfulness.
If Nigeria must split it will be done like former Czechoslovakia that divided into Czech Republic and Slovak Republic and both countries are well situated economically in the heart of European progress wheel no war after splitting and no hope that there will ever be a conflict between them.
Nobody Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba will leave Nigeria in crisis doing that is setting foundation for endless wars, 15 years after slitting of former Soviet Union there has been over 15 different wars among the slitting nations. The former Yugoslavia has seen various wars among the splinter nations since separation.
We have interwoven much more than we can imagine now, therefore even as separate nations events will regularly trigger conflicts, border clashes and even full scale wars.  Enough wounds have been created to inflame us together as a nation or separated entities. We must heal first before any debate on who goes where, our dirty minded, empty and idle Politicians sold it and you bought it, they will send their children out of the country before the crises while you and your children will wallow in it. 
Our Politicians are devil incarnates. When you split Nigeria, there will be endless wars. We should remember that Hausa man will still live in the Igbo land, Igbo will still be in Hausa land and Yoruba land same with the Yoruba. When they loss in an election or when they have their ill agendas as usual, they will trigger war with the splinter nations. Kill an Igbo man in Oduduwa there will be war, kill a Yoruba man in Arewa, war will be declared same with the Hausa man.
The Politicians today will still be the leaders in the splinter nations. They own the guns, the money and the thugs. All the people spearheading the actualization of Biafra today are just tools most of them will be turned to Political Barbeque (suya) in just few months into a Biafra Nation by the powerful corrupt Igbo politicians, it will be continuation of the enslavement same as they did in Nigeria. If you think you can resist them in Biafra with the current disjointed and money craziness of the Igbo youth then you have a clandestine motive for wanting Biafra not for the good of the Igbo.
If you (indifferent of what part of Nigeria you are from or what group you represent or want to please) take a part or whole of this article to continue the ridiculing of the sanctuary of the people, may the ocean of blood that was shed for Biafra especially that of the innocent Igbo women and children appear to you just for few second. And when you see the blood it shall not pass over you. Enough is enough. Respect Biafra it may hold future hope of job or money for you but it is a sanctuary for the souls that are resting in peace, souls that are distressed and wailing, souls asking why but saying never, never, never shall the harmattan meet us unprepared.




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