The name Nigeria came from a woman just like every one of us. Once upon a time we were proud of the name.
Nigeria is unarguably the most blessed country in the world.
Mother Nature stored all the natural resources in Nigeria and shared to other nations from her. Some got one some got 2 some three and some got nothing that was economically viable. What made different countries great all put together are located in Nigeria.
Raped, defrauded, hated, and trampled on but Nigeria Never visited you with draught,  earth quake, Avalanche, Land tremor, hurricane, mud slide and many other catastrophic natural situations that will make your only prayer be “oh God why?
Something went wrong from somewhere and obviously none expected the repercussion would remain permanent and become a curse since then, everything we have which others prayed to be blessed with turned to be cursed for us.
Leaders who should be instrument of unity, accountability and national development became divisive monsters with no atom of shame. Political offices and government service in general are virtually an allocation of “your turn to eat”
Our servants became Lords and masters over us ruining a nation they took oath to protect and serve in honesty and humility.
The oppressed masses that should condemn the atrocities of the servants turned masters became the defenders based on sentiments.
The ill behavior of the political class that rubbed them and their children of the chance to be proud of the only country they can call their own no longer matters if there is regional, religious or partisan affiliation.
A diverse cultural back ground that only America the strongest Economy in the world can boost of is a foundation for hate and slaughter in Nigeria. An otherwise source of strength as a result of irresistible multiple ladders to the top of the world of tourism dwindled to a mono rail of perpetual hate, dichotomy with little hope of retracting.
You will certainly disown a child well provided for hypothetically; huge land area, the most perfect agricultural condition in the world, each centimeter of the land is blessed, born healthy, strong, alert brain, and he is positioned among the poorest countries of the world which means ready export market for goods and services, an obvious position of the strongest and biggest market in the world.
Yet, the so blessed child, rather than rule the world with export and exploit is importing Tomatoes paste, chicken parts, palm oil, vegetable oil, rice (cereal grow on every land in the country though not all cereals are rice but rice is cereal), tooth pick, pencils plastic bags and in fact he imports everything from Pin to Plane not for the reason of trade balance but inability to reason and make use of readily available resources and the atypical blessing of mother nature.
He has sunshine, but cannot create solar energy for comfort neither could he use it for money-making agricultural venture, he has wind cannot generate electricity like other nations do, he have over 2,000 cadastral of coal between DEKINA and AMPKA, coal deposits in AFIKPO and ENUGU yet he has no energy, he has gas that is flared to waste even when gas is sold at exorbitant rates.
Drinks dirty and disease infected water when few meters below sea level runs clean pure water.
Loves blood more than the descendants of vampire. Hate truth and love deception, cannot invent or manufacture and cannot effectively use what others invented and manufactured, they have an exaggerated meaning of “good living”. 
Nigerians in prisons across the globe can make up a small nation. Blessed people without mutated gene from blessed land with perfect weather condition now slaves all over the world, used as object of teaching practice for immigration officers on how to carry out deportation. Libyan officers failed their deportation tactics examination that necessitated the recent deportation exercise.
I don’t know what you will do to such a child but any day I remember this pathetic child, I will besiege the land with darkness and command the sun, wind and moon to a halt.
But Mother Nature is patient, loving and caring waiting for the return of sanity.
I should hate Nigeria but if God loves a place this much what choice do I have.




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