Former President Goodluck Jonathan refused to authenticate the legitimacy of shameless African leaders who made leaving office next to death. Goodluck Jonathan made these African leaders who ruled their people for between 26 and 48 years and some who had such intentions look stupid and unforgivable.
Moamer Kadhafi of Libya
Emperor King Haile Selassie, Ethiopia.
Teodoro Obiang Nguema, Equatorial Guinea
Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe
  Paul Biya, Cameroon
Jose Eduardo dos Santos, Angola
Yoweri Museveni, Uganda
Omar al-Bashir, Sudan
The truncating of June 12 elections after 9 years of IBB’s stay in office was an endorsement of the legitimacy of African leader’s ambition to die in Power. The pressure for IBB to leave and his reluctance was obvious in the annulment of an election that was certain to unite us more and no doubt about the economic impact on the country especially as the rate of dollar and essential commodities took a drastic positive dimension as the result of the election rolled in favor of MKO Abiola.
It is possible that former President Goodluck Jonathan did everything not to leave office but he credit goes to him that he refused to buy the position with the blood of innocent Nigerians. He will ever be remembered for that but he will also be remembered as the one that proved King Solomon wrong as a man of wisdom.
Providence was on the side of King Solomon otherwise he would have had blood on his hands because of his believe that the mother of the child would not allow the child to be put to pieces.
Jonathan certainly failed the people of the oil producing region by allowing looting of the oil money during his time. King Solomon would not have earned his title as a wise King if he had met Jonathan because the owner of the oil could stop at nothing to put the oil money to pieces, shared among all that claimed they deserve or are entitled to the oil money.
The oil is the blood of the people of the Niger Delta, their lives, comfort, their farms and the fishing. The future of their great great grant grand children who may not have a place to farm even when the oil would be no more. Oil money need to be invested in that region so that the generations that will inherit the destroyed land would have new developed ventures that are derivatives of the oil that was sold on the land years back.
Many have died including Ken Saro Wiwa to bring the understanding of the plight of the people to the world and the Nigerian Military have pummeled many to silence.
One would not have expected BUSINESS AS USUAL when the son of the region was in charge. He will make judicious use of the resources that comes from his region and will allow minus zero tolerance to waste and looting.  As usual his supporters will ask you if looting did happen only during the time of Jonathan the answer is NO but King Solon was wrong not all mothers will not put their children to pieces. Only mothers that really love their own will not put theirs to pieces.
I just want to talk on only one of the points his supporters holds strongly as reason why the North do not want him to continue . The reason they raised above the roof why the North worked hard to edge him out was that the North holds the major oil wells they did not want to relinquish and Jonathan was on the way to forcing them to do so. Very intelligent in deed you may say.
  Maybe it would have been easier and better for Jonathan to support the Igbo and Niger Delta to grow in the oil industry rather than trying to pull the Northerners out of the oil industry.
Who owns all the so called illegal refineries that his administration pulled down?
All the illegal refineries his administration pulled down belonged to the Igbo and his people. what is the difference between illegal and legal? Legitimization.
All the illegal refineries if there was brain in the head of politician would in 2 years turn into giant refineries. They would become Government supervised modular refineries; strict premises licensing, strict product licensing, notable crude oil supply channel, and outsourced inspection strategy and above all noted line of supply of finished product. Then idle Nigerian Banks will at least have easy investment they can trust and finance. In 2 years of existence, the mushroom refineries will turn into giant industries. Now as it stands years after he left office the problem of oil refining and oil price should have ended. And the region will at this stage start developing other allied industries.
Back ward thinking of Nigeria politicians closing Illegal refineries when there is no functional legal refinery is the reason we are where we are.
As the Northerners are holding the oil well the South South and South East will hold refining power and that may discourage Dangote from starting the giant refinery in Lagos because soon the story will be; the North hold the oil wells and the biggest refinery “we are marginalized”.




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