A magnet of souls is the first enemy of men who have sold their souls for greed and self.
Your selflessness will mean nothing to them. A dishonest man agrees momentarily that somebody can be honest but no momentary belief.
They spearhead every castigation to buttress their aims, every of your upright steps will generate reinforcement of his ill fated efforts to drown your reputation.
You have not played God neither do you put people down because you believe God is your neighbor
You feel pained just as Christ felt otherwise what provokes miracles and feeding of multitudes, you are not just a spiritual spring of living water you are a physical supplier of the 95% of dependable drinking water to Ebonyi state, of course it is paid for but God be praised for availability of good drinkable water.
The only thing or situation that can perish a man is lack of knowledge and you have never taken lightly the impartation of scriptural and day by day knowledge to your congregation at the adoration center. Real reason you are a charismatic tycoon in the magnet of souls.
“Many are called, few are chosen” is now a luxury and the hope of many are called many are chosen have eluded us and can never be realized. Be assiduous in the corridor of love because other vineyard workers are not there to support you although there are many who have called themselves and the signs of the chosen refused to shine on them.
I have never stopped asking why crime and Christ are climbing higher, side by side in the same direction with equal magnitude. Is the body of Christ helping crime to grow or is crime helping Christ to grow? When Christ is going up, crime should be coming down and vice versa
The congregation in the churches has increased drastically in the past 25 years so have criminal predisposition increased drastically in the last 25 years.
When our Church leaders aka “men of God” wore next to rags our robbers operated with cutlasses and Dane guns.
When our ‘men of God” started buying okirika suites our robbers were arming themselves with locally made pistol.
When our pastors started driving jeeps our rubbers started using Ak 47.
When our men of God started going in convoy our robbers included multipurpose machine guns to their collections.
Now that our Daddies are using Private Jets, our robbers have advanced into the addition of explosives.
Pastors in Nigeria rank high in the world of flamboyancy and our robbers rank high in brutality.
If the places of worship are locked up on a Sunday and nobody allowed to go home for one week Father I will assure you that there will be no case of robbery, Kidnap, ritual killing and prostitution until the doors are opened.
Everybody comes to the house of God and come out the same or worse from year to year.
Nigeria cannot be set free if our politicians will have no fear of God and they can only have the fear of God if “men of God” have the fear of God.
We need a Christ- like leader for our Christian “men of God”. They should stop being Christians but Christ like. Christianity as it is today is unimaginable miles apart from being Christ -like. Our Politicians have made everybody gazing without focus. The Positioning of the Pharisees’ never confused Christ but our Politicians have positioned themselves to perpetually confuse our men of God the only people that should talk the fear of Jehovah into them.
Criticism no matter how objective has lost the tenancy of a great tomorrow born out of correction.   We celebrate common criminals in the churches because they have abode in politics therefore entitled to wear political hand gloves that sees stealing as a stellar performance which the common man must endure with stoicism. While their armed robbers and Kidnappers counterparts are rotting in jail.
It is colossal loss of mental power and realism if your fight against impunity and unarguably odious negligence of the common man can be seen by anybody as an attack with selfish reasons or politically motivated rather than to leap consequentially into sober reflection.  
When will the fact that God has purpose for everybody on earth enthuse repentance and eradicate misdemeanor in high places and set the children of God free?
  Rev. Father Ekije Mbaka,  “men of God” need redemption more than their flocks to be able to redeem the doomed lives of their friends and regular visitors among which are politicians, armed robbers, kidnappers and even Nigerian economy. Heal your people, mentor common men also to magnet the ill out of the minds of “men of God” they are the biggest problems of the nation because they made themselves God and distanced the people from the true God. The fear of God is rendered useless in the people and when some of the people became leaders they become leaders without the fear of God.
I do not envy you because the task is unapproachable by an ordinary man that I am but the Lord that gave you such a vast mission has made provision for the struggle. Our “men of God” need unreserved chastising by one that he has chosen to do so.
I am not worthy to educate you on the subject matter but he that called you never fails its getting too late, delay and more will fall. The whip that was used on the guilty will find the innocent when duplicity comes in but if there is a common knowledge that the house of God needs cleansing and sanitation is ongoing, the train of falsehood will derail.
In direction and redirection of “men of God” you have your attestation of recent renewal and call to duty. Any attempt to help Nigerian situation especially politically will be more effective when “the men of God” are redirected. Talking to the politicians without going to the root is just pruning the leaves. Soldier go, soldier come, but the recruiting and training ground remains.
Luke 4: 18-19 “the spirit of the lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor, he has sent me to heal the broken hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives and the recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the lord”.




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