The recent insult of Dr Ojiuzor Kalu is certainly the last straw that has broken the back of the proscribed organization IPOB by erasing the little sympathy enjoyed from some Nigerians.
People dropped all sentiments for IPOB and distanced from anybody who associates with them since it became obvious they have no interest or respect for the lives and properties of Ndigbo they claimed to be fighting for.
Often on Nigerian streets we see people come to seek attention. People must definitely give you their ears with rapt attention not because you are making sense but they want to deduce sense from your presence and take a stand.
At a point the eagerness to understand you will call for people around to be asked to be quite so you could be heard while some people that are conversant with such situations will be impatient to let you continue after hearing just few words from you.
Your time is fast expiring if you fail to quickly make your point as people want to move on. Soon, the crowd will thin out gradually. The people leaving will meet others rushing to the scene to know what the crowd was about.
“What is the matter with him”?
The comment of those leaving will determine if anybody will still come to listen.
It will be confirmed to the people that it is a case of insanity when the center of attention starts rebuking some of the people in the crowd who nervously want to know why he was seeking public attention.
Some people will ask him embarrassing questions while some may insult him for not making sense to them, his response which will be an out pour of his sanity, mission and sincerity of purpose will make or mar him.
He has reached his waterloo should he target one of the people calling for silence “that he may be heard and understood” in his insult if insult is his chosen line of reaction.
Usually, stake holders in the community are mostly attracted by such situations and they are quick to ask for audience from the crowd so that the issue may be understood and resolved quickly before it will degenerate. In most cases people call to inform them of such developments and implore them to “intercede before it gets out of hand”.
Soon the protagonist will stand alone talking and passerby will wonder why nobody was standing there. They will simply look at him, look around , seeing nobody was interested as nobody seem to be listening, they will concluding “na mad man, condition too hard this one don kolo this Buhari Government self” (depending on who was the President at the time in question. Nigerian leaders are good at making some people kolo because we are good at choosing kolo distributors as leaders)
After a while the people in the neighborhood knowing that there are no sympathizers especially as the strong and vital support have been insulted out of his way, will simply ask him to get out of their community because they now find his presence disturbing. Some will simply want the front of their business premises freed wile some will call out for him or her to be lynched because what they understood is clear confession of a ritualist, witch or wizard while others will conclude “na 419 all this tif them” and want him banished from that community.
The resistance to his continuous stay in the community will be too strong for him no matter his level of insanity.
Should his response to the people agitate their minds to accept him as honest, the stake holders will disperse the crowd take him away from that spot ask if he needed something to eat or drink and go about deliberating on his situation. Yes, Nigerians are that good.
Here are few reminders for IPOB
That people respect the entrepreneurships of the Igbo man is because some Igbos gave credence to it. Otherwise the Igbo Man could as well have been written off as a market man. The direction of admiration for the Igbo man was made by the products of the Igbo nation in the persons of Sir Lewis Ojukwu, Ekenne Dilichukwu Motors, De young shall Grow and many others including Dr Ojiuzor Kalu who when younger than the current age of most IBOP leaders was not operating from his father’s compound but his Industrial Estates.
He never abandoned Nigeria to pick up other national identities but was getting National award. Instead of taking advantage of the poor Igboman frustrated by unstable business environments occasioned at that time by unstable Government he rather started a revolution that created an army of business men he never met and never talked to directly and may never meet.  Dr Ojiuzor Kalu turned some street Generals of yesterday to Captains of industries that their children may never be on the street. Yours sincerely is one of them.
It is called inspiring for ease of understanding.
Everybody can go wrong easily before them but Dr Ujiozor Kanu cannot be accepted to be wrong in a hurry. He must truly be wrong to be accepted to be wrong.
These people are mostly Igbos, you can be bought over but they are above money. The reason you may not have known these people do exist is that they hate the publicity you love and they live in the future because of their knowledge of the past. Because they lived on the streets and the hostility of the street knows no tribe, they do not see a country, they see people. When they speak you feel love because people are beautiful. When you talk we feel hate because to you people are tools to be used to actualize your dreams
Dr Kalu may have been wrong or we may have been disappointed when he joined the Nigerian Politics. An industrially minded man is a clean man, coming to dirty Nigerian Political environment should have been a heart break but again it’s Ojiuzor Kalu. He may have considered the country to need industrial direction from an industrial Guru. Don’t count on this reason, it’s just because it’s about the youthful light that inspired the youths of the days in question to greatness not to destruction.
This time Dr Kalu without sentiment is right.
He stood by you and Ndigbo even when obviously you were misleading the poor children trying to put their lives together.
Insulting somebody who is interested in saving the lives and properties of Igbos is a clear frustration that the loss of lives and property of Ndigbo would have helped you make your point that “they are killing us” did you tell him you wanted to blackmail Nigeria with Namdi Kanu’s where about? If you did was he in agreement that it was the right thing to do? Or are we all genuinely concerned about his where about while you know better?
Even when you do not believe that Dr Ojiuzor Kalu is clean, he certainly cannot play in your league, therefore there was no reason to tackle him unless the peace of the Igbo people in the North and West which he determinedly stood for frustrated you.
It’s no secret that you do not want the realization of BIAFRA. You want Igbos to die to make your point,
That Nigeria will burn when you are arrested means disturb Hausa and Yoruba that they may in retaliation disturb the Igbos (you claim to be fighting for).
But did it happen? North and West have shown you how intelligent they are and how people can grow.
You called us to come home they asked us to leave before 1 October BUT WE BEGGED TO STAY. Do you understand that?
It’s not too late to reverse your Biafra of hate and move on. Biafra is the name God has placed above every name in Africa. It is a sanctuary of peace for a peaceful, loving, creative and accommodating Igbo people. Biafra was not created because of the hate of the Igbo man but because of the hate for the Igbo man.
One question for you Mr IPOB,
Have you ever asked yourself who really owns the land you called a Zoo? If you are a real Jew, are you buying over the lands of the Palestinians or you want to run out of the land your fathers said you will possess beyond West Africa and millions of people died when you tried to abandon your heritage.
My Biafra for the Igbos has been realized if you can add 1+1 but I do not see how your Niger Delta Biafra will be realized.
Your sin is unforgivable by a mere mortal, you taunted a sleeping Cobra it woke as even the zoo or animal kingdom has its rules, you then invited the innocent lamb to face the Cobra you deliberately invited.
The cobra would have made you a meal without the knowledge of anybody. But a ceremonial dance is to let the other animals in your zoo understand that they should not feel intimidated because the law of the forest will protect them. When masquerade dances innocently what will happen when children starts throwing stones at it is not what we can imagine in a peaceful moment. May the precious souls of the children you perished rest in peace while you struggle to find peace of mind on Earth.




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