The last administration of Governor Martin Elechi took some bold strides that some younger Governors cannot attempt.  Unfortunately, one of the major projects of that Administration, the International market is in dire need of an urgent attention.
The market can be said to have been completed when compared with all other currently used markets in Ebonyi state such as the Meat market, Timber market and building material market.

These markets are in no place near the beauty and comfort that the uncompleted International market possesses even in its current dilapidated condition.
The original plan for the market may not have been accomplished but honestly speaking, it beats to hollow a discerning mind that an edifice of such architectural standard could be allowed to waste the way it does.

The billions of Naira invested in the project to no fruition could have brought more ventures to Ebonyi people but unfortunately same is gradually going down the drain if not rescued immediately.

What may immediately come to mind is why the current administration has not done anything about it while others may still ask why the former Governor left the project unfinished despite the Billions thrown into the same.

Firstly, the politicians caught us in their web because we had always wanted to pass judgment and apportion blames.
The common man eventually suffers and dies in penury fighting and or defending the political class for one sentiment or the other at the expense of the future of their children.

The past administration could not finish the project possibly because the expected period to stay in office was not dependent on project completion. Secondly the contractors hired to execute the job were either Nigerians, foreigners that had swam our water ways of corruption or both but the sincerity of purpose of the former Governor to give the people of Ebonyi an international market remains unarguable.

The current administration may not have made the market its priority on the scale of preference probably because it has to fulfill its campaign promises. Even if the current administration had made the completion of the market its priority, fund is also needed for the market and other projects that the administration is passionate about.

Obviously, it is abnormal for a normal minded to take over an office without projects they are passionate about for the good of the people that is the reason the public is not asked to draft
Campaign promises for contestants.

The current Governor may not have continued on the past Governor’s market project but has successfully established his projects in the interest of the people, this, one can say without sounding sycophantic. He has also achieved his projects at a record time especially with the current economic situation in the country.

We, the people will still lash with our tongues should the present Government go into completing the work of the previous administration without starting his.

If nothing meets the admiration of anybody about the present administration, the disappearance of refuse dumps and the cleanness of Abakaliki that can comfortably be said to be in the top 3 of the cleanest state capital cities in Nigeria should. Our health has a great role to play in our personal finance and livelihood.

The only hope for we the common people in the interest and future of our children is to stop looking for opportunity to dole out blames, supporting wrongs owing to sentiment and parochial analysis that is in haste to tag “good, “ bad’ government.
Additionally, to suggest and hope our suggestions are accepted if they are viable.
We would be providing an important constituent of nation building by doing these.

The rescue of Ebonyi International market is a task that must be done if the current administration cares for the support of a special section of the society that admires good work without sectional sentiment.

With the speed of accomplishment exhibited by the present Ebonyi State Governor, if there exists a supersonic way to accomplish the market, the current state Government would have found it and gotten the market completed.

There is need therefore for a change of tactic in respect of the market completion, the Governor certainly did not forget about the project it just has not found an in - read to getting the job done.
There are times when economic principles and conventionalities should be sidetracked and “just get the job done”.

We should not forget that a project like this is described by Europeans as feasible while still on the papers (planning stages) 
  The State Government should do whatever is possible to stop the dreadful conditions of the market without too much care about “what the people will say”. This is permissible as long as we remember that EFCC is definitely going to come in some day because people will criticize in whichever step taken.





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