She died Sunday in Los Angeles at age 99 , and had persevered despite years of health setbacks.
Gabor went Hollywood in the 1950s. While she acted in A-list films, such as John Huston’s Moulin Rouge and Touch of Evil from Orson Welles, she appeared in enough B-movies, including cult favorite Queen of Outer Space, to warrant induction into the B-Movie Hall of Fame.
Most sources have Gabor down for nine weddings, though Gabor told Vanity Fair she’d had 10 husbands, Form all the confusing marriages and numerous dalliances, Gabor had one child. Daughter Francesca Hilton, by her marriage to Conrad Hilton, died in 2015 at age 67.
In 2002, she was partially paralyzed in a car accident, and retired from the public eye. The accident led to surgery, a slew of complications, and the amputation of her right leg.   She sued her driver , who was also her hairdresser.

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