Do you believe in zodiac signs? I’m guessing yes, few years ago I used to believe in it to but I don’t anymore.

Zodiac signs have good things to say about everyone, as you know there are 12 zodiac signs, I’m sure you know all of them.

One of the reasons why I don’t believe in zodiac signs is that they tell you how wonderful a person is because he falls under a birth month yet when two persons of different zodiac signs come together to start a relationship or marriage, it breaks down in 6 months or even file for divorce, if zodiac signs were true, why would people have issues in their relationship?

zodiac signs and horoscopes are just make believe.

Zodiac signs says Gemini flirts, so they are saying all other signs don’t flirt or cheat. Why can’t zodiac tell us that this sign or that sign has the domestic violence attribute or the possibility of not staying in the relationship forever or have the probability of being in the LGBT community

Some of you may say because you didn’t get your zodiac match that’s why the relationship didn’t last forever, really?

Have you done any good research on that, use your parents as a test, relatives, neighbours, friends, superstars, athletes then you would know it wasn’t the perfect zodiac match that kept those couples together.

Zodiac signs are just there to make you feel good about yourself, it may appear true but look deep.

Leroy Morgan




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