Most girl are more Interested in Going into Marriage before or Immediately after Graduation, Instead Of putting their lives without being a house wife into perspective
-I got tired of seeing girls desperate for marriage during their final years or even in their first year, not freaking out but am disturbed.
It is known that growth and development sets in at a certain stage in a girl’s life and that is when she starts comparing herself with her “age mates”, then they look at themselves more often in the mirror to ensure they are still in the market. I have no problem with girls having dreams of how Mr. Right should be or look but it should not interfere with the dream of how the girls should look and what they will become.
“What does she have that I don’t have”. “Oh God it’s my time to be favored” these are her discussions and prayer points. This has really brought miss understanding between families, friends, and people around the girl in question, making her believe those people are after her and won’t want her to get married. She is therefore forced to becoming a prayer warrior waging spiritual war from one prayer house to another.
Dear Friend, your success as a person is more important than immediate victory in getting married. 
Do not forget that most marriages fail because the woman is jobless; you are believed to be lazy.
In their frantic efforts to be called Mrs. Immediately after graduation, they throw caution to the wind.




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