That’s a serious question but it may seem simple. People go into a relationship for wrong reasons I.e
She’s tall
She’s beautiful
She’s portable
She’s slim
She’s from a rich family
She’s has big tits and big booty
The list is endless
Same goes for the girls, they go into a relationship cos
He’s rich
He can take care of me
He’s presentable
He has a car
He has a bright future
He’s tall
The list is also endless

If you go into a relationship because of any of these reasons, including the ones I didn’t mention which you know about, then you are bound to break up with him or her.
So many people are trapped in wrong relationships/marriages because of these reasons.

When people say marry your friend, you think it’s a crime or it’s wrong, my dear it’s fantastic. Only your friend can cool your temper,
only your friend has your mumu button,
only your friend can make you “happy”,
only your friend will tell you the whole truth, only your friend got your back

If you really want something serious with someone ask yourself why do you want that relationship, it’s only when your friends that you can discover major flaws and still decide to go into a relationship because you can always tolerate that flaw, which means you actually love that person and obviously it has to be vice versa

Stay away from selfish people
Stay away from people who never keep to their words
Stay away from people who could be confused at some point in the relationship
Stay away from people who aren’t ready to put in %100 to make sure it’s a hit

You can only know all these when you two are friends. Friendship gives you more grounds why you should have faith in the guy or girl you want to date.

So tomorrow if someone asks you why are you are you still in a relationship with her, you can defend her comfortably because you can keep up with that flaw and co




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