Should you continue to compliment and use words of care for your woman the relationship cost you less money and stress.
Can you imagine the woman agreeing to go into a relationship without believing that she would be cared for?
It’s obvious we got in with believe that the guy will care and that does not come from nothing of course. Yes! It comes from their leading us to believe so.
At the start SMS and WhatsApp chats will rain in endlessly day and night when he feels secured already or should I say when he feels he’s gotten everything already and she’s been pinned down,  bob go turn the other side off them shirt.
That is when the relationship cost him more, spending more time to explain since he does want to spend the time to compliment, search light beams more on his movements and his Phone calls.
Who will tell our guys that the more they compliment the more they are trusted and the less problem they will have with trying to know if we are actually where we said we were going. 




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