You have spent days together, having absurd and endless
conversations…weaving silly dreams about career, personal life but it
all ends abruptly and now you are on your own, dealing with the mess
you created. Never in your wildest dreams did it strike you that it
would turn into something as sad as a weird oblivion. Now you both
exist, but not in each other’s life. The other person has cut the
cord, has moved on with someone and all you have is those memories
when you were at your happiest self. You keep reading those texts you
exchanged and most often, you help up shedding tear over a
conversation you had with the person, you loved. When someone comes to
your life, makes you happy and put in efforts to ensure that you have
a smile intact, you tend to start believing that this would be your
“infinity”. It doesn’t matter if you both have officially declared
your feelings because you were so sure that it is slowly turning into
something beautiful. You have some plans but sometimes maybe its
destiny that gives you an abrupt shock and the person you wanted to be
yours, is no longer yours. Your world crashes and all beautiful dreams
you were building in your head, it all bites the dust.
The feeling is indeed the most helpless one. You have spent months
together, knowing and adoring every little detail of each other and
then, the other person conveniently replaces you, without any
intimation and the connection just fades. You don’t exist for that
person and all you are left with is, a void. You try to make yourself
happy with new hobbies, try to decorate the wound with meeting people,
catching up with friends, watching new films but somehow you know you
are sinking into a well that has nothing above, or below it. People
and friends come, they console you that it had to end this way, they
will tell you how careless you had been in not terming or asking the
other person so as where you both were heading, but you know what is
was and you can’t answer these questions. You know what you felt was
true and somehow when the other person reverted this affection, you
never felt the need of validating this bond.
You kept looking for closure, but the other person is no longer
available. You see days and months passing by, feeling that nothing
would make you happy now. But, it is okay to be sad or depressed.
Never be ashamed of your wounds, they turn you a lot wiser and it’s
you who will learn to pick up those broken pieces all by your own
self. Your friends and loved ones will definitely try to help you out,
but you will realise that the only way out is, in. You need to feel
the pain to understand it better. You can overcome pain only when you
understand and battle it on your own. The person you loved is now gone
and all you have is your life, which you need to sort on your own. It
might take days or maybe months to figure yourself out again but make
sure you find yourself, mend every wound and become a “whole” person
again who is again ready to fall in love, experience the ecstatic
adventure of love and is capable of accepting someone in life, once


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