25-year-old popular travel/tourism blogger, tour guide and Co-founder of Social Prefect Tours, Chiamaka Obuekwe got married to her business partner and lover Aniefiok Ntia in January 2018.

She took to Instagram hours ago to announce the split. She started by saying that Aniefiok is now free to date all the pretty and slim girls.

She went on to narrate how she has been battling with depression and almost committed suicide because of her husband. Read what she wrote:
I am a queen and I am worth it. I am beautiful and not overweight. And @aniefiokntia does not value me so he does not deserve me. He is free to date all the slim and pretty girls now.

I have broken loose from needy validation and depression. I am now Chiamaka not Obuekwe not Ntia. I have no family and friends now except Jesus and social prefect tours. Jesus loves me and I am beautiful and sexy in his eyes.

Please and please everyone should leave me

See God punish society. I have been depressed because of him for sooo long and I have thought of suicide but not anymore. Everyone says be strong. I am ready for peace.
I want to be happy and single. I want to breath.

I am even ready to loose social prefect tours. At least have small money saved and I will go away for a year. At least I would not be worried about dressing up because I am fat and unattractive to a man. Nobody cares. I started gyming because of a man.
Not anymore.

Everyone has failed me. All brands can come and collect their money if they aren’t comfortable. I will be broke and poor in Peace. I am ready to loose it all for peace. I don’t want to add to the suicide statistics like so many women who have gone before me.

If you call me or text I will send a police to you.
God bless you.

I am not afraid of death. I am ready for Jesus kingdom. But I don’t want to be married anymore




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