A general Africa mentality – ‘Successful women are not marriage materials’. I get so bored when some men take this assertion so personal. Some will rather prefer a village under 18 girl, who will be a robot to that will live with their undying sexual desire, numerous nagging and complaints without resistance. Worse still, they’d prefer those ones they will sleep with only when they want to make babies. In fact, they’d prefer a baby producing industry without bothering how the children will be trained.
They prefer those girls they could use as punching bags especially when they get tipsy. They would force themselves on her while she still believes that is one of his duties as the husband. ‘A man is always right’, they erroneously believe. It’s appalling how women are been treated in the society. After getting married to such women they still run out to ‘slay queens’ and ‘hot girls’ pretending to be single or outrightly keep them as side chicks. Yet! These set of Men still get jealous when they see their friends or contemporaries married to educated or successful women. When they sit out for drinks after work such men with successful women as a wives would always want to rush back home so their wives won’t be deprived of their company, but these other men would mock them that they had so much fear for their wives, simply because they are married to the ones that would prefer their absence. At every sense, these men take advantage of young ladies who focus on early marriage and drive them quickly into it. I wonder why Africans do not want to consider this a TABOO since it has taken




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