The shape and size of your face is directly linked to your sex drive meaning ‘poker face’ has got a whole new meaning.
Basically, men and women with shorter, wider faces tend to be more sexually motivated and to have a stronger sex drive than those with faces of other dimensions.
So how much of philanderer you could be is all down to your FWHR.
“OMG,” you might be thinking. “WTF is that, FFS?”
And you’d be right - it’s a new one on us too.
It’s not text-speak for ‘face-width-to-height-ratio’.
It actually refers to the method of dividing the measurement across the face by the distance between the brow and upper lip in order to calculate how likely someone is to cheat on their partner.
At least that’s according to the bonk boffins at the Archives of Sexual Behaviour journal, who conducted various surveys and experiments to bolster their findings.
Meanwhile, other academics have asserted that FWHR can be used it to work out people’s propensity towards excessive drinking, gambling and aggressive behaviour.
So the squarer the face on someone the greater chance of them being prone to dodgy carryings-on.
They’re also more likely to have more short-term partners than one long relationship.
It’s something to do with how the amount of testosterone in the body goes to shape our cranio-facial structure - that hormone being the one from which our sex drive emanates.
If you’re not white, straight and under 25 you may get away with it though, as research in the US has so far concentrated solely on that group.




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