I don’t wish to consider myself a witch or that I think ill but sometimes I just wished that we had less money in this house, surely the calls, travels, constant moving out and hanging out will reduce and my lovely guy will return to me. The few hours he spends at home makes him look more like an overstaying visitor.
It’s difficult living with a stranger in my husband house. The travels within and outside the country are genuine the never ending phone calls are for real business issues, even the hanging out with friends and business partners for sustenance of good business relationships are genuine and good for his work.
His love is unquestionable, he finds time to care but 24 hours can’t be enough for his calls alone, when he is not travelling abroad, he is calling China and it starts from when we should be sleeping. He spends almost the whole night on phone, during the day, when he is not calling clients or clients calling, he is screaming on top of the voice at the truck drivers, there are calls to banks to warehouses. In most of the calls it looks like the people on the other side need you to drill their heads to pump in the explanations. Expensive clothes and shoes have no meaning anymore I just want a normal life.




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