Most girls/ladies who complain or say ‘all men are the same’ are the architect of their problems… How would you yell at your guy carelessly because he is calm and cool? don’t you know that someday you would awaken the beast inside him.
Most of you look at the short term goal instead of the long term goal… What goes through your mind is let me do shakara, let me push him around, let me insult him, what can he do? after all he loves me and can’t do without me, I can cook very well, he can’t do without my cooking…that’s the short term goal but he thinks of the long term goal, some though….
While you display all these stunts what goes through his mind is, can I continue to endure this? if she can treat me like this I wonder what I’ll pass through when I marry her, it’s better I break up with her now before she brings out the animal in me and many more.
Then when he ‘dumps’ you next thing you say is all men are the same, please before you make such statement, check yourself well, you may be the cause of your problem, you need to improvise.
Jealousy is another problem that kills you ladies for no reason, if you entered into a relationship with your guy and you have realised he is the ladies man, why get angry unnecessarily, when he was asking you out didn’t you know that’s one thing you have to deal with? if you can’t deal with the fact that’s he’s jovial and all, especially with the opposite sex then why did you say yes to him? Because you used to be unfaithful doesn’t mean he will be unfaithful, work on your trust issues.
One of the most annoying part is the fact that some of these ladies would offend their guys, he won’t get angry, he would just smile about the situation and remain calm, after a while he would act like he’s the one who offended the girl, he would then try to apologise to the girl yet she would be ‘forming’. Why would you be doing that?
You may be loyal, you won’t cheat at all, but are you down to earth? at least to a reasonable extent I.e homely, obedient and all, nag less..
If you don’t possess most of the good qualities he expects, you shouldn’t blame him when he ‘dumps’ you.
There are more women in the world than men and also there a few good men
Stop chasing shadows while you think you are counting the stars
Leroy Morgan




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