Relationships are hard, but being able to work through the hurt and disappointment shows real maturity and strength of character.  Family and relationships are the surest way to happiness.” That does not mean we will be happy with all of our relationships. We need to work on them.


Don’t do the fixing alone: There is no sense in trying to fix something if you are the only one willing to do the work. If your partner is unapologetic for mistakes, dismissive of your desire to talk, or continues hurtful behavior, it might be time to move on, It takes two people to mend a broken relationship. If you are the only one trying to save things then you will never succeed

Have a positive view: This goes for both you and the person you are struggling with. When you focus on the negative aspects of others, it is easy to hold anger towards them. But remember, none of us is perfect; we all make mistakes. It can be harder to focus on the good traits of a person, but it is well worth the effort

Talk with your partner about what is bothering you: Many times, relationships end or hit rough spots when there is not adequate communication going on between the two parties. While difficult, you have to be willing to share your problems and issues with your partner to have any hope of fixing them.

-Make time to be honest with your partner. Your concerns have to come out in the open or they will never be fixed.

-It can help to write down your problems ahead of time, or discuss them with a close friend so you feel comfortable expressing yourself with your partner later.

Set boundaries for yourself: It is crucial that you realize that you can only change yourself, but you are worth protecting. Set boundaries for yourself. Walk away for a while to cool off and collect your thoughts. Distance yourself emotionally when it becomes too much, and slowly work back into the relationship when you can handle i

Act on your issues immediately: It is not enough to simply talk about your issues together. You need to do something to address them. Once you’ve figured out what is wrong between you, each one of you should come up with at least 2 things that you are going to do to address the issues. Tell your partner your solutions and ask them to hold you accountable– the only way to mend a broken relationship is to commit to healing it.

If your partner feels like they do all the work, for example, make a list of 4-5 chores that you will commit to doing every day.
If your partner feels like there is no more romance in your relationship, designate a “date” night once or twice in a week.
If your partner feels marginalized or unloved, make a point to listen more and talk less during dinner and before bed




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