INTERPOL made various arrest of pedophiles who defiled thirteen year old girls worldwide yet it is always reported that we have such cases in Nigeria we are yet to be visited by the international Police as our local Police may not look in that direction. The worst is that the pedophiles makes it public and even marry the girls as if the marriage automatically changes the age of the girl.
When will pedophiles be seen as criminals in Nigeria? When will the Nigerian Police be interested in inviting them for questioning?
We are confident this will never take place as the Nigerian society seem to be at home with Pedophilia or what did our National assembly say about that?
Dictionary definitions preadolescence as ranging from age 10 to 13 years, it may also be defined as the period from 9 to 14 years .
Girls at 14 are less likely to have become physically developed enough to sustain a healthy pregnancy or to give birth.
I believe our health blog “life ultimate” will have more to say about the implication to the Nigerian society.

What happens to a woman who got married to a man that has this illness of being attracted to children?...




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