A Facebook user, Brandy Temmy Gold took to the platform to rain curses on his ex-girlfriend who left him for a rich father of two. He wrote;

caffy temmy gold.. , u break my heart. d woman I trust. we eat together catch fun. sex play. spend in terms of money. bt now u leave mi because a man of two kids rented u a room.
tope u w nt b favoured. mercy from east west south Noth w nt locate u. u w suffer till ur third generation God plan w Neva b ur might Omo oni sin err. wa sanku. won ni jere tree
, u w nt b happy in d morning till night.  adebayo tope caffy temmy gold wa sanku ni
daff tabi mark tabi iveco Loma paa re
awon obi ee koni jere re
although ur mother have course u because of wat u have did for mi. so shall it be. Amen Amin aseeee agreed




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