The next month came and I received a letter from zack. I don’t know how come It, but someone brought It for me…. “This one Is for you” sam said as he handed me the letter, wrapped In a brown envelope “For me?” I asked as I opened the envelope and brought out the letter… “Yes, some dude brought It for you” he replied “What does he say?” he asked “I don’t know yet, but will alert you when I’m done” I answered… I un-folded the paper and It said… Dear Emience I meant to write you sooner, but I’ve just been busy. Look, It’s not what you think, I had you were In jail, and I had what happened, sorry I couldn’t show up, things got me hooked up. Anyways, what’s been up men how’s your jail term? I’m sorry brother, I never wished you such an end, lizzy forced herself on me, she loved me not you. She just had to play along for both our sake’s. Apologies brother, shitt happens. I want you to understand that I do loved you as a brother, but other matter’s came, and the love changed. Please, don’t get too along with finding me, it’s a blind chase. I really wish things gets well for you, but I don’t think It would, because you’ve passed the stage of hope. Even If you show the police this letter, it won’t change anything, can be said to be forged by you or your lawyer, even If It fails, you don’t even know where I am, so don’t risk It. I heard lizzy passed out, I’m sorry bro, I hope her soul rests In peace and I pray she finds rest. I hope you get this letter men, and I’m sorry, I didn’t wish you such an end brother.. Sincerely Yours Philip Zack.. ?? ??.?? ??? ???

Tears rolled down my cheek after reading that letter.. Sam tried asking me what the enigma was, I just snubbed him and handed him the letter whIch he read and became so upset with the situation. He got so pissed at zack and lizzy, he felt like crying for me too. He tried talking me Into It, to move on. He did all he could to console me. For over 3days I couldn’t swallow anything, just water. I lost appetite when It came to food, tears became my food, and I became engaged to anger. I fought so many prisoners outta anger and frustration, Sam was always there to calm me and support me In times of troubles. I became a shadow of myself; I started living like a real prisoner and joined bad gangs. We did stuffs to survive, broke many laws, and decoded the rules of living In there. Things never moved so well since I got that letter, another demon from hell possessed me and I became a danger to others self. Life Is a price…
“We need to find a way to leave this place” I said. “Did I just hear you say leave this place” Sam asked, I saw the fear in his eyes. “Yes, you heard me right” I replied. “How do you Intend to do that, and you think you’d succeed?” he asked nodding his head. “Doubt Is a man’s true enemy” I answered “This Is no doubt, this Is suicide mission, and you know It” he responded and stood up , walked to the cell door and held the bars, looking outside the passage as If he was spying on someone.. “I’d make a run for It” I said. “You won’t make It Emience, its suicide” he said walking back to where I was sitting. “Nothing is ever certain, life is a risk Itself” I responded. “Not this kind of risk” he said “Because I know you won’t make it” he concluded. “Well, let’s see what the future holds” I answered. “I’d rather make a run for It, than suffer from what I knew nothing of” “Emience, think about this again” he said “Meet me outside when you done with your cogitations” he added and walked away.
I slept over Sam’s word, was he really right? Will I ever make It? I asked myself. I placed Inside the cell, trying to convince myself on the plan I was about to make.. If I ever make It out, I’ll be a fugitive, but then life will be easier, and I’ll have freedom. I could move to another country or state and remain hidden till eternity. But I can’t do all this alone, I need an Inside man, and Sam Is my only hope. But I needed time to convince him, though it’s a risk for him too, but if we both survive, It Is for his own good too. I walked outside to join others with the labour they had at hand. We were taken to a site, were we worked so hard, carrying blocks, packing sand with head-pan and bags of cement. We worked like elephant and ate like ants. “Have you considered what I told you?” I asked Sam, as we sat down to eat. “Emience, I don reason wetin you talk, but e no make sense” he replied, pouring a handful of groundnut Inside his mouth. “You don’t know what you’re about to do to yourself”.
“Sam, I find your words of worth, but I’ve already made up my mind” I replied. It took him few seconds to respond, he just gazed at me, shaking his head In pity. I glanced at him through my side eyes, while I ate my bread and butter, he then asked me “Why do you wana do this, bro?” “Because, I’m Innocent” I answered. “That Is not a solid excuse, many people here are also innocent, but you’ve to accept the fate and move on” He replied, really pissed. “I can’t move on like this, this place Is not meant for the Innocent ones, its meant for criminals” I said.. “So what about me, have I been acting like a criminal, though am charged for one?” he asked widely “I never mentioned that, I just want you to help me, please” I said, tapping his shoulder. “I can’t aid you In this, I’m new like you, I don’t have any root” he answered.. I just sighed, stood up and walked away. I was really pissed, lIzzy and zack has really seen me to earthly hell without hope of survival. Things ain’t just sweet anymore….

Things was never solid. Obj and his other fellows, molested so many of us. Most of the times, were flogged like animals. Life was really hard, we worked like elephants and ate like ants. “I regret ever knowing zack and lIzzy” I said to Sam one cold night, as we laid down on our bunk In darkness. “I feel for you, my friend” he replied. “I was such a fool to have laid trust on them” I said, the room was In total silence, apart from the Insect sounds and the snoring of some prisoners opposite our cell. “I’ll seek revenge one day” “Vengeance has a way of rebounding Itself” he replied and slapped a mosquitoes that fed on him. “This mosquitoes self, dem no wan let me sleep” he added and hissed. “You dey mind them, them no know wetIn dey go on, their own na to suck blood” I replied. We negotiated more, not quite long, sleep took Sam, at that moment, the thoughts of lizzy came Into my mind….

It clocked a year and God vindicated me. The president of that year, ordered the release of many prisoner’s, and I was among the lucky ones. it was really unbelievable, I felt like a new born baby. I was happy, tho tears rolled down my cheeks, but it was the tears of joy. Sam was lucky too, thou Obj and most of his fellows weren’t fated as well. We were been escorted to our states, Sam and I went to his home, had a clean shave and got a new clothes. Started working on the street to feed. We did all kind of jobs, such as, selling of gala and Laccasera on the express, beloxy biscuit with hand kerchief. Conductor work was among the find to survive the living. We relocated to lagos state, I went back to my abandoned home, cleared out the remaining properties and sold them. Sam and I became closed friends and we rented a house together. “I want to find zack” I said. “We’ll” Sam replied and sipped his cup of Mc-Dowell





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