“EmIence, so this what you did to us after the love we showed you through our child?” her mom asked In tears. I explained to them that I was Innocent, I told them how It all happened, but the question Is, how then did she got pregnant and everything that happened was In my house? I was looked upon as a liar, I tried phoning some of my friends, few came, but zack never came. HIs line was jammed, no one has seen him since the night of that Incident. Lizzy, she has been unconscious ever since and the doc and co are doing all they can to revive her so she could explain what happened.
I went through humiliation and suffer that week, friends and families came to visit me In the station, they brought food and lots more. My lawyer was tryIng his best. Mr Michael has been a loyal friend, and I always rely on him, cos he has helped me won lots of case, but none like this one..
“EmIence, tell me the truth, did you ever gave her any abortion pills?” he asked looking straight Into my eye ball. “I told you, I don’t know how come all this came to existence. She was never pregnant or Ill. I travelled for 3months, I just came back last month, so how come she became 5months pregnant for me? Because I was aware she saw her menses the moth I left, which was why we never had sex” I replied and proceeded
“Look at It yourself, why would I deny all this If ts what I did..? I believe somebody Is behind all this, and the only way 2know Is through lizzy”
“Her parents has already sued you to court, and I’m afraid, If lizzy doesn’t wake, we’d lose, and you’d go to jail for murder or probably sentenced to death” he said, and stood up embracing his brief-case.
“Well, gratitude. Just do all you can and leave the rest for God, I know I’m Innocent, but If ts God’s will I pay for this crime, I’m but a servant, goodbye Mr MIke” I replied and walked away In cuffs.
Right Inside that cell, I was so pissed. Lots occurred In there. The guys who were there before me, made me ran all kind of errands for them, cleaning the toilets and most times they squandered all my food and made a jest out of me.. Days turned Into weeks, I waited for the doc’s report patiently, but at all cost, She didn’t survived It. I felt so doomed and I completely went Insane.
We filed an appeal twice, no luck. Investigations were made and I was found guilty of murder and was sentenced to life Imprisonment with hard labor. I was escorted outside by some SAS and they led me away In a black Maria with some other criminals well cuffed. We drove off to calabar prison, zone9. Right then I started thinking about zack… Was this really his doing, what If he was behind all this? I asked myself, as I glanced through the window, looking at the street, that I’d never see again for life.
We arrived safely, but twas already dusk. The prison was a very large one, with lots of cell blocks, don’t know how many for a count. We had our way In, did what was necessary, changed Into a blue short and shirt, which was the prison uniform. I was separated from the guys I came with, they took me to ‘Block C’. Inside the room was two bunks facing each other, they were sticked to the wall, so they weren’t close to each other. A bunk, had three guys on It, with a student foam on each one of them and a pillow. I owned the upper bed, and another guy who was there before me laid on the first one, the middle bed was free. I was not thinking straight that moment, I just laid on my bed, without saying a word to my cell mates and Bunkie.
I was so sad, I thought about my home, I thought about so many thIngs. The love I shared with lizzy and everything. My Bunkie gazed at me from his bed, he just shook his head and gave a friendly smile, I never knew what that smile was for, but I knew things never go on well In places like this. The other guys never uttered any word, they just looked at me and spoke to each other quietly. I knew they were talking about me, but I just pretended not to have seen the expression on their faces.
I closed my eyes, said some prayers, tho I was starving but I forced myself to slumber. Because I knew, the morning was going to be a big hit for the new comers, so I held my breath, and waited for the unexpected..
“Baby, you don’t know how much I love you” Lizzy said, rubbed my chest with her right palm resting her head was on my lap.
“I know you love me, but I don’t know how long you’re willing to stay with me” I responded, touching her hair.
“As long as It takes” She answered and raised her head, then looked straight Into my eyes and was about to kiss me when someone tapped me “Bros, stand up, OBJ don come” My bunk mate said, twas then I realized I’ve been dream. I yawned for some seconds, came down from my bed and moved outside with my other cell mates. We were taken to a hall, a very big one. I walked passed lots of prisoner’s, some of them were working their ass out, while most of them just stood, gazing at us as we walked passed them. They summoned the new recruits out, we were eight In numbers, we stood In a line, shoulder to shoulder, facing the other prisoners. A dark guy about six feet tall approached us with a weary face and smile. He paced for some time, staring at our face’s, then came to an abrupt ease. You really needed to see how quiet everybody was at the presence of this man. Officer’s walked past the hall, well armed with Ak47, most of them stopped by, Investigated on some stuffs then walked away. The guy In question went to meet some other prisoner’s, they made some signals, whispered to each other and made all other arrangement well known to them.
“If I point my finger at you, state your name and crime” he said moving closer to where we stood.
“You” He pointed at a guy who was the first person from the other end, but from my end he was the last.
“Samson, case of smuggling”
I recognized his face, he was the guy who woke me up, and he was my bunk mate too. The other guys answered to the same question posed to them, till It got to my turn.
“What about you” OBJ asked.
“Eminence, case of a murder” I answered. He moved closer to me, gazed Into my eyes and giggled. “You, murder?” hahaha, he laughed. “You don enter one chance be that” he said and moved a bit far away from us and continued
“My name Is Obj, and you’re all welcomed to Calabar Prison, Zone9, a place where I’m god” he started pacing and proceeded “I don’t tolerate nonsense, and I don’t give a fuck to another muther fucker, so whatever you do, always have the fear of me In…....” before he could end his words, I sneezed, he paused and started walking towards me, my heart kept beating as he came closer…

“I bet you’ve something you wana say to me?” he asked standing face to face with me.
“No, you’re mistaken” I answered, thou I was a bit scared, but I didn’t had to show the weakness In me.
“Oh I see” he replied and continued “So what was that for?”
“I only sneezed, nothing on my mind” I replied.
“At the point of my speech” he asked moving more closer to me.
“Look, I’m sorry If It affected your speech, but the fact Is, that wasn’t for you, but If you don’t find my words of worth, maybe you should just get on with what’s on your mind” I replied, and guess what?
The hot slap way that guy give me eh, chai tears almost comot for my eyes, but as a big boy, I just pretend sey nothing dey happen.
“Don’t dare speak to me In that manner next time, or I’ll eat your heart while you still breath, and for this, there would be no food for you till next day” he walked away and they took us back to our cell’s In shackles..

“Sorry for what occurred” My Bunkie consoled me as we walked back to our cell.
“Your condolence Is well received” I replied.
“Obj Is a very strict guy, history mentioned that he has spent twenty years here, so he Is like a lord here, and no one questions him, not even the Officers” he said. I was mute for some seconds, we entered our cell after been unshackled at the entrance, then I asked him.
“How long have you been here?”
“Well, ts been a month now” he answered then laid down on his bed, placing his hand on his chest.
“I see ,so you must have been used to the treatments here?” I asked and sat down on his bed. “Well, ts not been easy, this place Is military. The struggle everyday In here Is to survive. Look around, In other cell’s, there are people who are very deadly, so you’ve got to be very careful and smart” he replied and stood up, “I’m off for breakfast, I’ll smuggle out some for you, but You’re on your own If caught” he said and walked away.
I watched him as he vanished out of sight. I felt pity for him, the way he spoke, he sounded so Innocent as If her knew nothing like crime. He’s a good guy, and his company so far has been kind.
I felt so Ill, I Imagined how things would go In this place, ts a kind of different world, I see face’s of people, most them looked so deadly, there was a cell opposite ours, It had six guys In It, Sam told me, they had gone for a robbery, shoot a pregnant woman and killed two officer’s. They’d be hanged a day after tomorrow, and all of us would be outside the field, to witness their murder.
If I had a chance of reviving lizzy, I’d kill her myself, for landing me In such a place, and making my life a living hell. I recalled back days, the moment we shared together, the promises we made and the sacrifice’s we made for each other. What about zack? He was just a friend, but due to his act, I looked upon him as a brother, but now I don’t know where he Is, he just vanished.
And what about zack,If he was really guilty of this and made me suffer for him, or maybe he wasn’t, probably Lizy was seeing someone else. But I was foolish to have been fooled like this, I should have known twas zack, I was just blinded by love and brother-hood, I was just too busy chasing my dreams Instead of looking Into my relationship and not seeing the green snake under the green grass. Something must really kill a man..
Sam returned shortly, and I hurriedly ate the bread and groundnut he gave to me, to avoid been noticed by another prisoner, cos twas against the law to eat Inside the cell room.
“How did you come by this one?” I asked, after drinking the sachet water he gave to me too.
“Well, I pulled a few strings to rustle that out for you” he replied and continued “I’ve got an officer as a friend here, we’ve known outside this walls for a long time” he took the refuse from me and hide It beneath his bed.
“Anyways, gratitude” I said.
“Save your breath for what Is about to happen next” he answered and laid down on his bed.
“What Is about to take place” I asked anxiously.
He stood up, sat down on his bed, I moved from where I was standing and sat next to him. “Don’t worry, you’ll soon find out” he replied.
The other prisoners came In, but this time, shift happened!
The older one among them beckoned me, I walked straight to their bunk.
He stood up, while the other two sat down.
“What’s your ground here?” he asked me.
“I’m a prisoner, like you” I answered, looking Into his eyes, he had this tattoo on his right arm, he was Indeed a criminal from the view.
“I’m no prisoner, like you. In this room, I’m the boss, I kept mute because I want you to gain yourself first, then I’ll see you to proper context and know what you’re made off” he replied with a scary look on his face and a wicked smile
“So what would you’ve me do?” I asked, taking two steps back-ward, to avoid been hit.
“Hmmm, first, the code In here Is, you’ll run some kind of errands for me whenever I desire. And my wish Is your command” he said.
“What If I disagree to your terms?” I asked boldly.
“Well, you’ll wake up In the afterlife” He said, pushed me against the wall and tried to strangle me. Sam stood up and walked towards us…
To be continued … A Real Life Story





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