I had a friend, a very close one. Whenever we fought, he always won, not because he’s stronger than me, but because I always let him win, even when I was right and he was wrong, I’d still take the blame.
Cos I always wanted his happiness as a brother..
Zack was my best pal, we partied together, went to classes together, played soccer together and we shared our lives with each other.
But there was one thing zack was holding away from me, His relationship with my wife Lizzy…
Thou I don’t know how things went between them, but zack shouldn’t have done that to me. Lizzy was the best woman sent from Heaven to earth to change me. There were a lot of things I couldn’t do without her, she was my back bone. Whenever zack came visiting, she’d prepare us lunch and we three would sit and eat together, I never knew the brotherly ‘I Love You’ zack and my woman do say to each other were not what they really clothed It to.

I’d leave zack and my woman at home most of the time and be gone for hour’s, always having It In mind that zack was a brother and lizzy was a lover, so? Ts not a big deal.
They are like brother and sister, so I thought…
Most of the nights, we’d all play cards together and some unscrambled games, I’d probably be dosed for hours leaving them alone to play, you can Imagine what they would do when I was asleep.
They must have kissed each other, had sex and do all sorta shitt In my own house, and the next morning, zack would call me ‘Brother’ and lizzy would call me ‘Baby’..
I’d smile at them and we’d all pray together holding hands, without knowing that zack’s touch on my woman’s palm was entirely another feeling outside religion. I continued been the Idiot, and played along. Not until I travelled to Abuja, that things went astray and I suffered for what I never knew about.
Zack got lizzy pregnant before my arrival.
When I came back, I Invited LIzzy over to the house, so we could be together cos body no be fire wood. I never knew lIzzy was already 3months pregnant for zack. And not only that, they have been trying to abort the baby from the day one, but nothing was working. They had already given her different kinds of abortion pills, from different pharmacies, (sighs) but twas all In vain, they never worked.
And she was scared of ‘DAS’.
When she came, we had sex, and did all we could to show how much we missed each other. Zack came around, but I never knew he was given her pills secretly to take. And I never knew his mission was so critical, I just thought twas one of a friendly brotherly visit. We’d all laugh together and lived like nothing was happening.
Soon twas another month and there was no success for the abortion, (sighs) It must have been a heavy burden for them. Like a snap of fingers another month came making It five months with no success.

I came home one night, and I saw her In a pool of blood. She was laying on the floor of my room. I was shocked, my blood ran cold. My veInz freezed. I gathered some courage and moved closer, after a while, I raised her and I found myself In the hospital.
The Doc Invited me to his office after he must had ran a test on her. The doc was a nice man thou, through his words. He asked me my name and I said ‘‘Comrade Paul’
he asked my address and phone number and car plate number… I gave him all Info,that was when he shocked me with the news by asking me
‘Why were you trying to abort that pregnancy?
And I was like ‘‘Pardon?’’
then he went straight, he said she was 5months pregnant and all the drugs we gave her killed the baby In her womb and now she has to undergo surgery In order to bring out the child since she can’t push, and this surgery Is 50/50, she lives or die.

“Wait, what Is going on here?” I stood up facing the doc. “I thought we sorted this out? I don’t even know who Impregnated her or how she got along with those pills you talking about, I swear. I’m just playing this because I don’t wana lose her, so why are they here, doc?” I asked bitterly.
“Well Mr EmIence, like I said we’ve a very serious Issue of trust here. First, her family needs to be Involved before this surgery, and I can’t do that by telling you to go and call them, nah I can’t risk a blind-spot. You’d be under their custody till her parents decide on what to do, that the deal”.
Men, I slumped back Into that office chair, tears filled my eyes and I couldn’t open my mouth to say a word. There was nothing to be said.
“Mr Man, you’re to remain quiet, whatever you say here, ‘d be used against you In court” one of them officer said, they took me away that night, I was taken to the SCID that night, after some files were sholved, they pushed me Inside a cell, and summoned her parents the next day. I was brought out from cell and went to the conversation room to meet her parents. I couldn’t gaze properly on them, I was so ashamed of myself, I knew I was Innocent, but I dunno how I fell Into this trap. There was no question I didn’t ask myself, and I was so stupId to have been fooled like this, and Iffa had any means of survival, only God knows.
Her parents never bothered to ask me anything, they only yelled at me, especially her mom. She gave me a hot slap on my cheek, but as a big boy, I no suppose cry.
“You’ll rot In hell for this” she said pointing her finger to my face.
Her husband was a gentle man, he just stared at me for some minutes and cleared his throat.
“Mr man, how come about this?”
he asked, placing his hand on the table that separates us.
“SIr, I don’t know how to tell you this In a way that you’d understand, but the truth Is, the question Is to be posed to your daughter. She alone knows the truth” I replied.
To be continued …






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