“IRREPLACEABLE RELATIONSHIP” Sometimes we think we are irreplaceable, if you think you can’t be replaced, then you should have a rethink. The thing is that some of us can be replaced at the twinkle of an eye and this could be that we got too comfortable and forgot to do the things we know we ought to be doing in order to keep and sustain our relationship, and in some cases we are shocked to see our partner moved on so fast.
Some of us think because we have planned our future together that means we can’t be replaced, nah either of us can, pride can help us “finish work” in the voice of Naeto C

My message is simple, see your relationship as if it just began last week, keep it new and refreshing, always do the usual, call her/him, yearn to be with him/her always, always be there for him/her at trying moments, never hide anything from him/her.




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