When you honestly brought up your girl, she tells you everything about her especially if you have a modern relationship with her. It is outdated and entirely your problem if your child is brought up in such a way she cannot tell you about her friends and her sexual life. You cannot stop her from maturity, you can tell her what you don’t just feel is good for her but certain you cannot follow her everywhere and listen to everything she is being told. But your friendliness gives you the summary of it all. If her genetic inheritance and environmental dictates are piloting her to a direction you did not anticipate for her, you do not abandon her but support her thereby giving yourself another chance to help her.

When a child announces to her Mum or both parents or a friends that “I just discovered that I am a lesbian “ as done often in developed countries, it means she’s been confused and have been suffering for a long time. She has been wondering why she keeps the types of friends around her, the types of cloths she like and her choice of colour.

After years of traumatized existence our girl discovers that she is sexually aroused by only people of same sex. She is not exited that she is a lesbian but she is exited to announce that she has at last discovered the reason for her strange being. She now has explanation to the unexplainable suffering and discomforting question of “what’s the problem?” “Are you ok?” “But why are you like this?

She understands the societal implications of being a lesbian even in America or Europe where the level of freedom of expression is believed to be excessively abused, there are still negative consequences. She has to make a choice between allowing the castigation of the society to be her therapy that means, go on hiding her real feelings as a lesbian and stick to people of opposite sex against her feelings or don’t take the therapy, be careless of the societal concerns, ignore the fear of been caught and the subsequent castigation and insistently finger her way out of natures terrific burden to an eventual “oh my God”. This is one major aspect of the situation called lesbianism. This is a more difficult situation than environmentally induced lesbianism. (topic for another post). There is little you can do for a man trapped in a woman’s body without understanding and gentle persuasion. Nothing would have been able to change anything but for the pro creative instinct of Africans and cultural disposition, it is unimaginable at this time in History that any African lesbian would decide against marrying an opposite sex. The African woman born with a wrong hormone is discouraged from allowing herself dwell in what is clearly an integrity dwindling sexual orientation. Out right resentment without feeling for them is absolute lack of care. Assuming you love your child and you find out she can’t help herself in a situation that she was born with what will you do? She was born with it and just as you feel irritated when people of same sex touch you that is how she feels with the people of opposite sex. Discriminating her is as good as discriminating a woman because she was born black. They need our support to be able to be what or how we want them to be. The lesbian can eventually start enjoying sex to a considerable extent with men if she makes effort. The constant application of the societal pressure and reference of the situation as irresponsibility is a useful therapy if it’s non aggressive, non abusive and shows some level of understanding for their feelings. This would make more people speak out about their feel to close associates and can thereby be canceled.

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