Hello house,
I have been a nairalander for many years and i just need advice because am so devastated. I got married to my husband 7 years ago with 3 beautiful kids ,a girl and 2 boys

My husband is that perfect men any woman would ever prayer for.i have never suspected him for once not until last year september that i saw some frequent call from a particular no, i decided to take the no and store on my own phone,,i suspected he was cheating but i did nit have any evidence to prove it.

So last month,i activated an automatic call recording on his phone and here i am, all my doubt were confirmed, i decided not to ask him as i laid down my own plans too, i took his phone and scan his whatapp QR code and i deactivated the notification so he wont know. So with this, i was able to view all his chat directly from my phone through this chat i saw that the lady was around at his place yesterday morning and i travelled in the evening because we don’t live in the same state due to transfer

i took my children to my sisters place and i travelled, looo and behold this lady was wearing only pant and bra in my husbands room although i gave both of them good dirty slap of their life, and i told her i have details of his guy and that i was going to call and let him know the kind of girl she is

so now to cut the long story short this lady has a fiance which is planning to wed her because i got to her instagram page and facebook page and i saw that she has a very good guy at her hand thus made me sad because i dont know why she would cheat with my husband even after having a good relationship,

my decision is that am planning to call this guy through facebook call and send him all the recording and whatappbchat between her fiance and my husband

i just want to know if am making the right decision

as for my husband , he will meet me at home




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