When it hits you, you have no possibility of turning left, right or center, you just stand still and wonder why guys could be so wicked.
I believe they think because of the extra power “Wo” that was added to “men” women can therefore take everything.
I would prefer they see the “Wo” as an extra baggage not extra carriage for their baggage.
The most annoying is accepting somebody that obviously is far from what you would call your destination of a man but you are ready to craw with him to the point and he initially takes you as a dream come true and in a short while he becomes the ever knowing and always perfect, even when everyday you see him cross his “I” and dots his ‘T’ you accept it but he could just dump your mercilessly or create an atmosphere of “if I vex you go , If you vex you go ” or he creates a condition of “God when will she realize I am tired”
When a woman gets dumped she fights back by moving higher.
But men are not women enough to fight to move higher when dumped. Most time they go below your level and some fall into comma which leads them into crime, drug and the weaker ones kill themselves directly.
When you dump a fellow student rather than kill herself she will date your lecturer. When you date your colleague at work and dump her rather than date the office cleaner, she will date the Director. When you dump your co tenant rather than her move to another house she will date the landlord
Before the man even experiences the full gist of jilting he is already sleeping with the house help his secretary and the girl selling recharge card.
The hurt we feel from guys are so hurting that months into a new relationship we are still agonizing but the new guys will only know when told. We carry the pains and move higher and higher guys read my lips and be woman enough and stop killing yourselves either by direct suicide or indirect suicide as taking to drinking, drugs, cultism or trying to jump start a different life mostly negative to make it and come show her.




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