Heartbreak is a term used to describe crushing grief, anguish, and distress, often due to the pains and strains of love. The experience of heartbreak can be so intense that some scientists suggest it feels the same as physical pain.
In one study, people showed similar brain activity when they viewed photo of a former love and when they felt extreme heat on their arm.
In fact, it might even be true that people can die of a broken heart
A recent online trend about young men and women committing suicide because of heartbreaks
Heartbreak could carry associated problems like increased blood pressure, depression and suicide   which can raise cardiovascular risk. Overcoming heart break is not maturity, sometimes we can’t just handle it, it hurt so much that you will swear never to have any relationship.
But does it really matter, when you are broken already you should better know at this point you are not useless, that is what you think because that is what they make you feel You can live without them I promise, you can survive that moment. Think about this when you sleep , those sleeping moment will always pass , the eating moment will pass, every moment in life passes, likewise the heartbreak just take this as one of those moment .
Read books, hang out with friends, stay away from any new relationship at this point , most of all love yourself .it’s never your fault that he or she left you ,to avoid endangering your life stay away from thinking.




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