A friend invited me to a party in his lodge when I was in school. Nice party, too much food and the drinks, couldn’t place what drink it was. I think it was a mixture of palmwine, stout and hot drinks. It tasted like abomination. It tasted funky but you kind of got used to it after a few gulps.

Girls were looking sexy as hell and throwing down moves. Rocking guys, giving lap dances. Guys on the other hand were all walking around with swollen trousers. I met some friends and we had some catching up to do.

Back story: There was this girl who was a sight to behold. Very beautiful. Guys hated her because she never said yes to any guy. She had a fiancé so she really minded her business. She didn’t want to get involved with guys in school. I didn’t even try going after her because I knew ishi agaghi aputa. Girls also hated her because she according to them was a pretender who was playing the good girl to have guys fall for her. So at this party, she came out, danced a bit and proceeded to have a drink or two. Many guys just like me didn’t have interest anymore in chatting her up so we all kept our distance.

So, I can’t remember what or who I was looking for but I stumbled in to a room. The girl was lying down and was obviously wasted. She had like 3 girls with her in the room. They weren’t friends of hers but I felt she would be fine with them so I left. After a while I came back to check up on her and I was shocked at what I saw. The girls were negotiating with some guys on behalf of the girl. They asked me if I wanted a turn. If I had a little money to give them so I could sleep with the girl who was lying down wasted and unaware of things happening. Some guys had paid the money and were already undressing and pulling her clothes off. I called the girls aside and asked them why they were doing that. They told me she was always acting like a saint so they wanted to teach her a lesson.

Well, there were more than 6 guys there and I couldn’t stop them so I ran to call my friends and security in the lodge. I called the girl’s friends too and we got to the room and she was still there, this time completely naked with a guy pounding her. Others were waiting for him to cum so they could have their turn. We broke up the “party”. The guy’s ran off but we caught the one who was on her because he had his trousers pulled down so couldn’t run.

The lady’s friends took her to their room and gave her a bath. Security handled the other guy. I left the party and went home. I later heard the girl told her fiancé and he broke up with her but they later got back together. Didn’t hear of them again, don’t know if they are married. The guy nko? He was released after a few days in cell and nobody pursued the case.

Ladies, be very careful what you drink at parties. If the drink comes in a cup, don’t drink. If it was opened before being handed to you, don’t drink. If you go to ease yourself, leaving your drink on the table, don’t touch the drink when you return. Be safe!!! A lot of predators out there.




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