A question from a friend …
“What happens when a lady seems to be interested in a guy, and this guy has no intention towards her or better still doesn’t feel same for her. So he did decided to make her a friend knowing fully well that isn’t what the lady needs from him. What is the guy to do?”
I believe this will give you tips on what next to do
As good as it sounds; true love isn’t always the answer for everyone
A casual relationship is a kind of relationship where there are no clear rules or long term commitments towards the relationship. Both in such relationship are just involved at the moment until something else or someone better comes up
Set up and follow rule of casual dating, if not be ready to have a girl crying at your doorstep or even worse, you falling for some girl you had no intention for so badly.  I learnt causal relationship last longer than intimate, but before entering into a causal relationship make sure you both understand the rules and are ready for what would come next.
Keep Your Limit
She is certainly sexy, hot and good looking, remember that you already chose to keep it distance from intimacy, but now you found her with this guy and your eye balls are almost ripping off the guy’s shirt and pants.  If you can’t handle it stop the illusory not to love her, but then if you can handle it CAN SHE HANDLE IT too? Just like I said before, set rule to guide you both and ensure you both abide by them while you also remember to keep to your limits.
Don’t break boundaries, no monitoring of movement, no counting number of male friends you have seen around her, don’t ask her the last time she had sex. You could involve rules similar to this, I bet it can run the casual relationship. If any rule is broken then the relationship should be broken too




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