Emotion set to do the greater job around here’ but research has it that a relationship with pet or nicknames as far as both partner are comfortable with it, last longer. But around here men tend to process their emotion inwardly and prefer to solve their Emotional problems themselves, while the woman shower her emotion uncontrolled on her spouse, in some cases she is not supported for unbolting her apprehension she is rather considered nagging or complaining, listening to advice or influenced by the life of others or being a different person from her usual self. However, if the out pour of her inside has no demanding implication on the man either financially, on his time and or behavior, she is welcomed while the man still bottles himself up in his emotion until he can’t “take it no more”. The woman still maintenance the pet name unless she want to change it to a more adoring one. The man on the other hand calls her her name in most cases until it is changed to “Mama————“ (name of one of the children) 
When the woman starts looking different from her name to start looking like Mama, some men do not hesitate to but the words into action; they go back to the streets to start taken girls not looking like Mama. If only the men were less engulfed with keeping their feelings to themselves, they could have had positive impacts on her looks.

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